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Physical Adept - Round 2 is an unarmed combat mod. Boost your unarmed damage. Deal elemental damage or soul trap enemies with your bare hands.

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Sit comfortably, close your eyes, clear your mind, and feel the energies of Aetherius flow in to you.

Mages of Tamriel know this energy as 'magicka', the Akaviri call it 'ki'. I prefer this term for its succinctness. I will teach you to channel this energy through your body. To deliver killing blows with your bare hands.

You will even learn to infuse your strikes with the power of the elements. If you are disciplined in your arts, you may learn further powers still.

-- Teachings of Master Ice-Fist


Physical Adept - Round 2 is indeed another unarmed combat mod. It is unrelated to WetWire's Physical Adept mod except in concept.

Enable the mod in the mod configuration menu, and your unarmed strikes will gain a damage boost based on your alteration skill level. As you strike enemies unarmed, your alteration skill will advance.

Perks to further improve your unarmed combat can be taken through the mod config menu. This allows Physical Adept - Round 2 to be compatible with any other perk overhaul you may be using. (After you level up, select a boost to health, magicka, or stamina, then exit out of the skill menu and open the mod config menu to spend your perk point.)

This mods also adds rings and gauntlets of fortify unarmed to leveled lists, so that enchantment is no longer unique to one item.

You can further customize your unarmed strikes by learning styles. Styles allow you do deal the effects of enchanted weapons with your unarmed strikes, at the cost of some magicka per each hit. Only one style may be active at once.

Novice and apprentice style manuals are sold at any spell vendor. Adept, expert, and master style manuals are sold only at the Ice-fist training house near the border crossing to Cyrodiil, and only if your alteration skill is high enough.

Each style does 5 points of extra damage, which can be increased by taking Ki Mastery perks. Using a style in a brawl will be considered an assault and a bounty will be issued accordingly. 

Novice styles:
Dragonfire - Fire damage
Ice Wraith - Frost damage
Thunderstorm - Shock damage

Apprentice styles:
Dawn - Damages only undead
Hungry Ghost - Soul trap

Adept styles:
Spider - Lingering poison damage to health
Bear - Damage stamina
Hagraven - Damage magicka

Expert styles:
Vampire - Absorb health
Dark Seducer -  Absorb stamina
Atronach - Absorb magicka

Master style:
Chaos - Chance of fire, frost, and shock damage


Change log

    Fixed several styles defaulting to fire damage at high ranks of Ki Mastery.
    Fixed looping Solitude docks sound with a style active.
    Reduced base killing hands damage and increased magicka cost of higher-level styles.
    Removed the Ice-fist training house. Its former inhabitants will now vend on the streets of Whiterun, Solitude, Windhelm, and Riften.

Known issues
Taking a new rank in Ki Mastery will not take effect until a new style is started.
If you one-hit kill a creature in Hungry Ghost style, you will not trap its soul.


Other notes
If Alternate Start - Live Another Life is installed, you can select "I studied under master Ice-fist" from its dialog to start in Windhelm with a random novice style known.
Thanks to Catalyst Game Labs and Harebrained Schemes for inspiration.