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Added: 15/02/2012 - 02:37PM
Updated: 29/10/2012 - 10:26AM

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Adds arround 240 Travelers and few on Horses arround 40+ Locations(Castles, Towns, Farms, Forts, Inns and other) randome, all arround the time.
Its my First try to make mods.x)

The Mod was a long time dead, read below why.

This mod was created to add only Travelers that wander arround in skyrim, but now with each new Version it gos more.Thx to the Users with his nice Idears and Problem Reports.

240 Travelers arround 30+ Locations(Towns, Farms, Forts, and other) randome, all arround the time.
Travelers Respawning if there are Killed.
Some Travelers now do more stuff on the Travel Locations.
Farmers Travel from Farm to Farm and work there too
Road Guards to Protect the Travelers
Few Travelers on Horses.
Food Trader that hunt Goats.

At the moment i dont know any Compatibility Issues.

Got any Problems? Want to see the Travelers on other Locations too? or Other Stuff?
Leave an Comment or Massage

Run only the esm with one of the esp files.
Use more_Travelers_light only if the more_Travelers.esp makes you problems. fps drops, stucking travelers or else.

IMPORTANT for all with the older Versions, delet the Plugin, load a savegame and make a clean save without the Plugin.Install new Version and load your savegame again.

Most Players voted for the names like Commoner, Farmer, Traveler, Noble, Knight u win

Questions and Answeres:
01.Q:I see some npc on raods that dont move, there stuck?
A1:Its by your System how many Travelers your PC can Handle.
A2:Is there a Locked House? Try to unlock it and watch if it Fix it.
A3:Wait abit, most Npcs starting Travel by diffrent Times(it happend by lower Systems).If A1,2 and 3 not Help try A4.
A4:Watch if u have the some Problem in the Light Version too.If so, post a massage with the Location.

02.Q:The Horses come without Rider Back.why?
A:Dont worry, the Traveler is goes down from the Horse to watch on the Street somethink, or he was killed.Both respawning back and after that he use the Horse again.

03.Q:Travelers moving sometimes in a Line why?
A:There is only one Headpoint in for all NPCs in Skyrim, to fix this is Hard.I try to change it but there are realy many Points in...

04.Q:Why have not all Dialoges?
A:All NPCs need an own Voice File that u can Read the massage.It will be to big MB to make this for all NPCs at the moment.And i dont know realy what i write in.

05.Q:The Child has a Sword for what?
A:Some Players use Killable Children is only to def themself again this Players.

06.Q:Can i use it with War in Skyrim?
A:Yes, sometimes realy funny to watch the Travelers Fighting some Enemys or Dragons.

07.Q:Is there a Conflict with other Population mods?
A:No i use the most other too

It was a long time dead and not updated becouse, i was a long time in a Hospital, but now i can rework again the mod.