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About this mod

A more balanced and consistent crafting experience that stays faithful to the original design while maintaining compatibility with your favorite content add-ons.

Permissions and credits
  • Polish
Major features:
  • Generic potions and enchantments and their player-made equivalents have similar ranges across the board. There is no generic item that is too weak or too strong for the player to craft one with equivalent strength.
  • Various Alchemy and Enchanting effects have been tweaked to improve balance, consistency, and cohesion within the skills.
  • Crafting skills do not directly improve each other, and the relevant effects have been replaced by new ones. This encourages build variety and eliminates certain tedious gameplay practices.
  • Compatible with vanilla-based content add-ons, like Beyond Skyrim and Project AHO.

More features:
  • The gold values of certain player-created potions now match up better with the generic equivalents.
  • Pure beneficial potions last twice as long.
  • Armor skill potions now increase armor effectiveness by a percentage, making them significantly more effective.
  • Block potions also increase bashing damage.
  • Weakness to Poison does not stack with itself.
  • There are now 14 skill enchantments that increase the skill directly.
  • Skill progression has been improved in order to put more value in increasing skill levels.
  • Combat, magic, and stealth skills now continue to provide benefits when buffed past level 100.
  • NPCs now benefit from combat and magic enchantments.
  • Lunar weapons have a new lore-friendly effect.
  • Muffle enchantments now display their effectiveness and scale properly when enchanting.
  • Smaller soul gems have increased enchanting capacity.
  • Smithing formulas have been tweaked for better consistency.
  • Chitin and Bonemold items only appear in the menu once Solstheim is visited.
  • Daedric items can only be forged at night.
  • Perks acquired from Black Book: The Sallow Regent improve item efficacy instead of crafting, eliminating more tedious gameplay practices.
  • Many bugfixes related to Alchemy, Enchanting, and Smithing are included.

Below is a more detailed breakdown of notable changes made by the mod.


Ash Hopper Jelly
  • Changed 3rd effect from Resist Shock to Restore Magicka

Blue Mountain Flower
  • Changed second effect from Fortify Conjuration to Weakness to Shock.

  • Changed second effect from Fortify Health to Weakness to Frost.

Potion Effects

Magnitude changes have not been listed.

Cure Disease
  • No longer scales in value with skill. Player-made Cure Disease potions will generally have the same value as built-in potions (except for Hawk Feathers + Charred Skeever Hide).

Fortify Enchanting
  • Name changed to Fortify Enchantment.
  • Effect changed to "Staves and weapon enchantments are <mag>% more powerful for <dur> seconds."

Fortify Smithing
  • Name changed to Fortify Defense.
  • Effect changed to "Incoming physical damage is reduced by <mag>% for <dur> seconds."
  • Effect capped at 75%.

Fortify Heavy Armor / Light Armor
  • Effect changed to "Armor Rating of <skill> is increased by <mag>% for <dur> seconds."

Fortify Block
  • Effect changed to "Blocking and bashing are <mag>% more effective for <dur> seconds."

Poison Effects

Magnitude changes have not been listed.

Damage Health
  • Player-made poisons no longer have a duration.
  • NB: Because of how costs are calculated, the 1 second duration caused a large (~12.3) penalty to the cost of Damage Health poisons. Now their cost will scale the same way as built-in potions. Nirnroot and Emperor Parasol Moss are being buffed to compensate for the increased value of other ingredients.

Weakness to Poison
  • Cannot be reapplied.

Generic Enchantments

Magnitude and cost changes have not been listed.

Fortify Alchemy
  • Name changed to Fortify Potions.
  • Effect changed to "Consumed potions are <mag>% more powerful."
  • No longer flagged as an Alchemy skill enchantment.
  • Krosis also uses the new effect.

Fortify Smithing
  • Name changed to Fortify Armor Rating.
  • Effect changed to "Increases Armor Rating by <mag> points."
  • No longer flagged as a Smithing skill enchantment.
  • Can be enchanted on the head slot, can no longer be enchanted on the body slot.

Fortify <skill>
  • Effect changed to "Increases <skill> skill by <mag> points."
  • Cicero’s Clothes, Jester’s Clothes, and Deathbrand Gauntlets use Alchemy version of Fortify One-handed instead.
  • Krosis and Kyne’s Token use the Alchemy version of Fortify Archery instead.
  • Krosis uses the Alchemy version of Fortify Lockpicking instead.
  • Most unique enchantments still use the old version of Fortify <magic school>.
  • Normal skill scaling has been altered to improve the effectiveness of skill increases.
    - Weapon skill damage scaling: 1 + 0.006 * skill
    - Magic skill cost scaling: 1.25*(1-(min(skill,100)*0.003)^0.5)*(1-0.0033*skill)

Fortify <magic school> & Magicka Regen
  • See changes for Fortify <skill>.
  • No longer learned from College robes.
  • Magicka Regen magnitude: 10 -> 50
  • NB: All apparel other than the College robes have the Magicka Regen effect at 50 magnitude.

Fortify Barter
  • No longer flagged as a Speech skill enchantment.

Fortify Magicka Regen
  • New enchantment named Mage Robes can be learned from robes with this effect, and it can be enchanted on the body slot.

Fortify Stamina Regen
  • Can be enchanted on rings, can no longer be enchanted on boots.

  • Effect changed to "Noise from movement is muffled by <mag>%."
  • Cost now scales with magnitude.

  • Success chance: 26% -> 25%
  • Description changed to "<25>% chance to paralyze the target for <dur> seconds."

Chaos Damage
  • Player-enchanted effect changed to "Reduces the target's Magic Resistance by <mag>% for <2> seconds. <50>% chance for each element of Fire, Frost, and Shock to do <10> points of damage."
  • Base magnitude: 8
  • No longer scales with elemental perks.
  • NB: The player-made variant won't scale past 10 damage, unfortunately. Other workarounds cause other issues and the alternative was removing it from crafting entirely.

Special Enchantments

Shrouded Robes ("Fortify Destruction")
  • Added new effect: Fortify Magicka Regen 75%

Shrouded Hand Wraps
  • New enchantment name: Nightblade (replaces Backstab)
  • New effect: "Double Destruction damage when undetected."

Predator’s Grace
  • See changes for Muffle.
  • Stamina Regen magnitude: 1% -> 20%

Chillrend ("Frostfeed")
  • See changes for Paralyze.
  • Does double damage to Stamina like the standard Frost Damage enchantment.

Lunar Weapons ("Silent Moons Enchant")
  • Name changed to Silent Moons.
  • Effect changed to "While the moons are out, burns the target and absorbs <mag> points of Health."
  • Enchantment cost removed.
  • Visual effects have been altered.

Notched Pickaxe
  • Name changed to Thunder Craft.
  • Smithing Expertise effect works as advertised.
  • Smithing Expertise magnitude: 5 -> 8
  • NB: 108 Smithing with perks unlocks a new Legendary+ tier for tempering.


Skyforge Weapons
  • Requires the Steel Smithing perk to forge.

Shellbug Helmet
  • Only appears when Shellbug Chitin is in your inventory.

Chitin & Bonemold
  • Only appear after Solstheim is visited.

  • Can only be forged between 9pm and 5am.

Abilities and Blessings

Ahzidal's Genius
  • Effect still applies when wearing more than 4 relics of Ahzidal.

Ancient Knowledge
  • Effect works as advertised.

Seeker of Might
  • Tempering effectiveness removed.

Seeker of Shadows
  • Alchemy effectiveness changed to potion and poison effectiveness.

Seeker of Sorcery
  • Enchanting effectiveness changed to worn enchantment effectiveness.

Altar Blessings

Blessing of Mara
  • Uses the Alchemy version of Fortify Restoration (makes vanilla description correct).

Blessing of Stendarr
  • Uses the Alchemy version of Fortify Block.

Blessing of Zenithar
  • Uses the Alchemy version of Fortify Barter.

Blessing of Auriel
  • Uses the Alchemy version of Fortify Marksman.

Blessing of Nocturnal
  • Uses the Alchemy version of Fortify Sneak (makes vanilla description correct).

Blessing of Mephala
  • Uses the Alchemy version of Fortify Barter.

Optional Armor Tweaks
(I recommend using Armor Rating Rescaled in favor of this if you can. I believe it to be more balanced.)
The Optional Armor Tweaks add-on modifies armor scaling to bring mage armor closer in power to physical armor and make it much harder to reach the armor cap. Dragonhide is also turned into a normal armor spell that follows the same progression as the others.


  • Armor skill rating scaling: 0.5*(1+0.005*skill)
  • NPC Armor skill rating scaling: 1.3*(1+0.02*skill)
  • Armor protection: 0.14% per point of Armor Rating
  • Hidden armor bonus: 3.5% per piece
  • Max armor protection: 84%
  • Armor tempering bonus at Legendary: +6
  • Dragonhide is single-cast and increases armor rating by 120 for 60 seconds.

Compatible with just about everything except for other Alchemy and Enchanting overhauls. Most other conflicts are minor and can be resolved by loading this mod early (near the top of your load order).


  • Beyond Skyrim: Bruma - Compatible.
  • Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade - Compatible. Load after this mod.
  • Enchantment Reload Fix - Incompatible. Should not be used because it forces enchanted items to retain the unbalanced formula used in the crafting menu. It is also incompatible with the changes to Chaos Damage.
  • Project AHO - Compatible.
  • Skyrim Community Uncapper - Patch available. Alternatively set the global variable MCBEnableUncapSkills to 0.
  • Summermyst - Enchantments of Skyrim - Patch available.
  • Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch - Compatible.
  • Unique Uniques - Compatible.
  • Unique Weapons Redone - Compatible.
  • Zim's Immersive Artifacts - Compatible. Load after this mod.

Special Thanks
The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages, documenting useful information and bugs.
The Unofficial Patch Project Team, finding many bugs and fixes in the vanilla game.
Skepmanmods, creating the Price-Charge Bug Fix.
Simon Magus, discussion and feedback on ideas.