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Darklocq based in part on original stuff by Arthmoor and Jowain92 and others

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Use at end of load order to reset any inadvertent changes made to RACE records, by random mods, back to Update.esm, Dawnguard, Dragonborn, and Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch values, so you can compare and selectively "forward" any desirable changes made by intermediary mods. NOT A MOD, but a TOOL, for experienced TES5Edit users.

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Skyrim Race Records Master
by Darklocq

The purpose of this is to reset any inadvertent changes made to RACE records by random mods (mostly those written before USLeEP), so you can compare and "forward" any desirable changes made by intermediary mods selectively.

THIS IS NOT A MOD, IT IS A TOOL, for experienced mod users. Do not just add it to your load order and fire up the game, or you'll probably break something (though maybe not permanently).

This is an ESP file for the very, very end of your load order, for use in TES5Edit, not (immediately) in your live game. It restores RACE record tweaks from Update.esm, Dawnguard, Dragonborn, and Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch (USLeEP), plus a few optional extra fixes.

The problem this helps fix: Old mods that pre-date the DLCs, and simple mods that do not require one or more of the DLCs, very frequently make one change or another to some RACE records (the records in ESM and ESP files that set the characteristics of each NPC and creature race). These overrides wipe out any race tweaks made by the DLCs, and any bug fixes to them introduced by USLeEP. Plus they frequently conflict with each other. The only way to sort this out is to compare what they're all doing after everything has loaded in its established load order.

The ESP included here will, by default, include all vanilla races, and carry forward the patches to them from the official Update.esm, the tweaks and new races from Dawnguard.esm, ditto for Dragonborn.esm, and the fixes (and other changes) introduced by USLeEP.

However, the real prize here is the expanded version, which also makes various fixes that USLeEP did not.

I'm not going to make separate versions of this for the obsolete separate Unofficial Patch series, nor for any of the tens of thousands of stand-alone mods other than possibly some I'm already using. The whole point is your mod list is yours, and this will help experienced mod users resolve screwy RACE record shenanigans.

What it does

The basic version:

  • Restores changes to RACE records (and some associated FLSTs - form ID lists) made by Update.esm, Dawnguard.esm, and USLeEP that old mods have a tendency to accidentally revert back to ancient Skyrim.esm defaults (or to change in stranger ways).
  • In direct effect, this re-applies common fixes that mods tend to mess up, such as having most females use female walks, some attack types that were missing, Mount Data records being empty, and availability of various warpaints and other FaceGen resources.
  • That is all. It leaves many problems that USLeEP did not fix.

The optional expanded version with more fixes:

Resolves: bugs in gear equippability records, especially for crossbows; lore-incorrect Bosmer height; races with wrong or inconsistent names and descriptions; female Orcs wrongly having male walk; the "moving mannequins" bug; the Dawnguard vampire "plasticky grey faces" bug (caused by dirt tintmasks); and some disease-casting and pickpocketability records.

In detail:


New in 2.1


Possible to-dos, and definitely not to-dos:

  • Maybe make a version that patches for "Skyrim Realistic Archery", since I use it.
  • Use other lore (loadscreen text, book excerpts, etc.) to provide descriptions for Snow Elves, Skeletons, Falmer, Rieklings, Dremora, etc., etc., for those who dig around and make them playable.
  • Cannot fix the "animals will somehow report you for crimes" problem. That's only fixable at the individual NPC records, and other mods already do this. Try NARC.
  • This ESP includes but does not affect monster/creature races, except as noted above. This is not the place for detailed creature overhauls, but you can use it to help debug them in your load list.

Requirements and Compatibility

You must have at least Update.esm, Dawnguard, Dragonborn, and Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch (which also requires Hearthfire, though it contains no RACE records).

You will also need TES5Edit (a.k.a. xEdit), and how to use it for basic stuff.

This ESP is compatible with additional non-official patches, including Skyrim Project Optimization, Unofficial Skyrim Modders Patch, RaceCompatibility.esm and RaceCompatibilityUSKPOverride.esp, Skyrim Supplemental Patch, Unofficial Misc. Bug Fixes, Cutting Room Floor, and RaceMenu (I use all of these). It is not dependent on any of them.

I don't know if this will work with the original separate Unofficial Skyrim Patch series, but you shouldn't use those anyway; they're obsolete. If you want to try it, you could use various tricks to remove USLeEP as a master, add the separate patches as new masters, and give it a shot. If you do something like this, use TES5Edit's "Check for errors" feature to find any IDs that will not resolve.

This will, obviously, conflict with any mods that modify race records and load after USLeEP. Tracking down and resolving those conflicts is the whole point.

Installation and Usage

This is NOT a fire-and-forget mod.  Also: if upgrading from 2.0, see subsection below.

  • Put it at the very end (bottom) of your load order, even after your Bashed or Smashed Patch.
    • It may be okay to put it before your Bashed/Smashed Patch, if that patch does not contain any RACE records. There's a thread open on the Posts page about how/when Wrye Bash's Bashed Patch might interfere. The safest bet appears to be to put this ESP after the BP/SP.
    • Lots of mods say "put this at the end of your load order". They are usually exaggerating (and it's not possible for them all to be right!). What they really mean is "put this after other mods likely to affect the same resources, like the helmets I changed, the bandit spawn points I removed, and the house I put just north of Riverwood", or whatever.  THIS mod really does need to be last or very nearly last (it could come before your own customized leveled list patches and a few other things, and there are a handful of other mods designed to go after the bashed patch, and that's okay). All kinds of mods make pointless changes to race records, and you cannot predict which ones will do that. The whole point of this ESP is to catch them in the act by loading last.
    • If you already have a mod you keep at the end for other reasons, you can merge this mod into it to save a mod slot. Put this mod below it and use "Merge Plugins xEdit Script". I cannot recommend the stand-alone app version of Merge Plugins, as it "merges down" (it changes the FormIDs of the higher mod to conform to the available IDs in the mod below it that you're merging with it, instead of vice versa; this can break things). Some users recommend using the zMerge feature of zEdit for this. I have not tested this personally, so cannot vouch for it.
    • If you use LOOT (which you should – it replaces the old BOSS), LOOT may move this ESP; its mod-ordering decisions are not always perfect, especially with newer mods. Put it back at the end after using LOOT.
  • Do NOT (yet) enable this ESP in your game, only in TES5Edit.
  • Fire up TES5Edit and let it slowly load your entire mod load order, including this mod. Compare the race records, and see whether other mods between the vanilla and USLeEP stuff at the start and this mod at the end have made changes that you want to keep. If so, drag-and-drop them across to the corresponding records in this ESP, and save it (allow TES5Edit to add masters to this ESP as needed). Trying to do this in the Construction Kit will drive you crazy. Use TES5Edit - this is what it's good at. The CK is just not suited to the task in any way.
    • A common case of conflicts is additional warpaints, eyes, brows, hairs, and colors added by mods, especially follower mods.  Not permitting them to carry forward into this ESP as playable is generally fine; the NPC itself should already be hard-coded to use this custom hair color or whatever, so you don't need it playable unless you desperately want your own character to have the neon violet eyes or whatever that came with that mod.
    • Another common case is "vampire beautification", by changing the vampire face textures to regular ones, though this is actually better done at the file level (i.e., overwrite the ugly vampire resources with the default ones for that race, so it never matters which mod is calling which meshes and textures for vampires).
    • Dunmer and Breton female beautification (the default normal-map textures for them have bony foreheads) is the same: it is sometimes done in ESPs by mods, but is better done by actually replacing texture files.
    • Mannequin mods are another such tweak some users make; they sometimes supply new meshes and textures, and may not account for the "moving mannequins" bug, as detailed above.
    • There are mods you might not think of as race-changing, like "Dragon Priests Enhanced" and various other creature- or NPC-specific mods. Remember that every creature (except certain combat-incapable bugs and fish) also has a race. This is why it's important to test this ESP against your entire mod load order.
    • A less common but potentially severe issue is going to be race overhaul mods. This mod will actually make it easier to safely integrate those, by having only one place in which to track changes to race records, after you set it up. If you add such an overhaul mod, you can easily see what it is doing and which of its changes you want to retain by copying them into this ESP.
    • Similarly, game-mechanics overhauls can also modify a whole lot of race records, including of creatures. One example is "Skyrim Realistic Archery", which changes the Unarmed Reach, Angular Acceleration Rate, and Strike Angle of nearly everything. The problem is that it has to overwrite the entire RACE record in the course of doing so (and the next mod to do anything with races will revert some of it). It's been my experience, in using SRA for months, that none of SRA's changes to race records are actually important, so the large amount of work involved in manually integrating them isn't worth it.  Race Records Master is better put to use fixing things like reversion of Dawnguard and Dragonborn changes to ancient Skyrim.esm defaults.
  • So, selectively copy into this ESP file any changes that you want to keep which were introduced by mods between USLeEP and this ESP. This will be tedious, but that is the price of mod conflict resolution.
  • If you want to bother with it, you can hunt down new and variant races added by follower mods and such, and add overrides for them into this ESP, and make custom adjustments, though this would be time-consuming and not likely useful, unless you know you have mods that change new races introduced by previous mods (Ningheim, etc.).
  • If you use only a few mods, you may find that various records in this ESP will be identical to master (ITM) with those in USLeEP.  You CAN remove them from this ESP with TES5Edit (and Wrye Bash or Mod Organizer may suggest this), but it will defeat the purpose of Race Records Master: any mods you add later may make unexpected "back to 2011" reversions or other changes, and this ESP will be powerless to undo them.  Not every ITM is a problem
  • FINALLY, if your mod load order is stable, you can add your finished, tweaked version of this ESP to your actual game load order, at the bottom (last) so it compensates for all the conflicts you identified and resolved.

Upgrading from 2.0

If you have NOT customized your copy of 2.0, then just overwrite it with 2.1.If you HAVE already customized your copy of 2.0, rename 2.1 to something like "Race Records Master 2.1.esp", put it before your own "Race Records Master.esp" in load order (just for TES5Edit purposes, not in your active game), and do "Copy as override into ..." on the FLST (FormID List) and – in the extended version – ACTI (Activator) records in 2.1 and copy them into your 2.0. Quit TES5Edit to save the changes. Your 2.0 is now 2.1, and you can throw out the "Race Records Master 2.1.esp" temp file.


This is just copying and tweaking of a few records, and I don't feel proprietary about it in any way. Feel free to use this for any purpose, without asking first, though a credit would be nice.  USLeEP is by Arthmoor and friends.  I got the vampire dirt tintmasks fix idea from Jowain92 (whose "Dawnguard Vampires - No Dirt Tintmasks" I previously patched for USLeEP compatibility).  I got one typo fix from brytag's "Skyrim Supplemental Patch".  Kudos to Elminster, Sharlikran, Zilav, and Hlp for TES5Edit.  And to kryptopyr, Machienzo, Viperslayer, zzjay, Grimoa, OnHolyServiceBound, xxcthomasxx, azarathkhan, and many others for previous race tweaks, by which I learned how this stuff works.

PS: This Race Records Master mod is not to be confused with a MASTER RACE Records mod; for that you'll need to add Nazis to Skyrim, which would be fun, since we'd all love to set records for killing Nazis.