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Ultimate Skyrim does a great job of transforming Skyrim into an entirely new game, except for the Graphics. This will guide you through the process of making the characters look like characters from a modded Skyrim.

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Ultimate Skyrim is a fantastic gameplay modpack that mostly neglects the visuals of Skyrim especially the characters (PC and NPCs). This guide will show you how to change this.


Mods without ESPs:
These mods do not have an ESP and are safe to install, as long as you have the correct order in MO2.

Starting of course with CBBE, the most downloaded female body replacer. Download the main file and follow these instructions:
Slim or Curvy is your choice, but important later on so remember it! Get the Face Pack for some decent face presets and ignore the Tools. Next up is the choice for going SFW or NSFW (character has underwear or is nude when equipping nothing). Pick "None" for being nude or one of the Underwear Styles. Texture Quality is important and I recommend High or Medium depending on your hardware.

The body is not the only ugly thing, the hair is horrible too! So get Superior Lore-Friendly Hair - HD textures next. You can choose between Straight or Rough hair and 1k or 2k textures.

!!! If you picked the SFW option in the CBBE installer skip this mod !!!
The normal CBBE skin is ok but you can of course get something better. This is totally optional. Fair Skin Complexion includes skin, eyes, brows, teeth, freckles and makeup tint masks. Download "Fair Skin Complexion for CBBE v10.0 Optimized". In the installer pick a Diffuse Map (recommended is Default), a Normal Map (depends if you picked Slim or Curvy in the CBBE installer), pick "None" for Specular Maps and Subsurface Scattering. You can pick all Optional Files if you want.
Feminine Khajiit Textures (Grey Cat and Leopard): download either the CBBE (NSFW) or Vanilla (SFW) version and install based on preference.
Now you can chosse between two Argonian textures:
Feminine Argonian Textures (Chameleon and Lizard): download either the CBBE (NSFW) or Vanilla (SFW) version and install based on preference.
Masculine Argonian Textures (Chameleon and Lizard): download the Vanilla version either 1k or 2k
FAR - Forgotten Argonian Roots: download the 2k version and "Female head MAIN version fix", watch the video on how to install FAR
Khajit has wares and also needs retexture:
Masculine Khajiit Textures (Grey Cat and Leopard): download the Vanilla version either 1k or 2k.
Choose between two Face textures for males:
Fine Face Textures for Men: download one of the varients and install
High Res Face Maps for Men by Geonox: download V 1_1 and install
If you want more hairs to choose from get KS Hairdos - Renewal. Download all main files. Install female only first, than male only (merge them) and last the merged plugin. This will give you male and female hairs.

You now have a good base that does not conflict with other mods from Ultimate Skyrim. The next mods will have an ESP and will change the look of most NPCs. If you just wanted to change your character than you're done.

Mods with ESPs:

Bijin Warmaidens: download the main file; when installing choose Legendary and the CBBE body
!!! Bijin Warmaidens changes Aela The Huntress, if you do not start a new game with the provided save file she will be glitched (mismatched head and body) !!!
Bijin Wives: download the main file and choose "ALL IN ONE" and CBBE in the installer
Bijin NPCs: download the main file and "Bijin AIO for USLEEP users", for the main file: choose "All in one", Vanilla based and CBBE in the installer; Bijin AIO for USLEEP users doesnt have an installer.
!!! You need to either disable the ESPs from Bijin Warmaidens, Wives and NPCs in your load order or make them optional within MO !!!
Pandorable's NPCs: download the main file
Pandorable's NPCs - Dawnguard: donwload the USLEEP main file
Seranaholic: download both main files, when installing change the modname to Seranaholic for the Seranaholic file and change the modname to Valerica for the Valerica file; choose the CBBE option in both installers
The Men of Winter: download "The Men of Winter", when installing pick "Miraak Hides His Face" and "Don't Install Patches"
KS Hairdos - Renewal: download all main files, install in this order and merge them: male>female>merged
Load order:
Bijin AIO.esp
Men of Winter.esp
KS Hairdo's.esp
Automatic Variants.esp
Requiem for the Indifferent.esp
The next mod you need to download the one that comes with this guide. It's an ini file for the Reqtificator. Just download, install and run Reqtificator from MO2.

HDT and BodySlide:

If you want to change the preset of your CBBE body or want some physics than continue reading.
We need to start with BodySlide: download the main file, when installing pick CBBE and install
Now we need to reinstall XP32ME to enable Physics. In MO2 click the textbar "Namefilter" and search for "XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended", right click the mod and select "Create Backup". If anything goes wrong you can just restore the backup. Next redownload XP32ME.
When installing pick "Physics Extensions" next, pick "Racemenu", everything else has to be set to None. Click Replace when MO2 tells you that the mod is already installed.
Get HDT Physics Extensions and HDT HighHeels next, they don't have an installer but the .esm file from HDT HighHeels needs to be at the right location in your load order. In MO2 go to the Plugins tab and move hdtHighHeels.esm under JSwords.esm
Load order:
You now have to rerun FNIS. You should already have FNIS in the exectuable dropdown menu so start it and click "Update FNIS Behavior".
You can also watch a video for the next step:
The last step is to generate a body using BodySlide. Go to the Data tab in MO2, navigate to "CalienteTools/BodySlide", right click BodySlide.exe and click Add as Executable. In the executable dropdown menu select BodySlide and click Run. If you've never used BodySlide before continue reading:
Select CBBE Body HDT from the Outfit/Body dropdown menu, select a preset you like (you can preview the preset by clicking the Preview button, I recommend either CBBE slim or CBBE Curvy), click the "Build Morphs" checkbox in the bottom left corner, press "Build". A window telling you that the process was sucessfull should appear just click OK.
Select "CBBE Feet" from the Outfit/Body dropdown menu and click Build again. This will ensure that the feet match your body. After that is done, close BodySlide and start Skyrim. Ultimate Skyrim has the mod Enhanced Camera installed, so you should be able to see some jiggles in first person when looking down and walking.

Do you want your armor to be fitted to your CBBE body and have some jiggle? Ultimate Skyrim has little armor mods, most of them just change the textures, here is what I found:
Vanilla Outfits BodySlided: download the main file, watch the video on how to build the outfits
Bandolier - UNPB UNP FIx and CBBE: download the main and optional files, this will fit the pourches to the body
Immersive Armors CBBE and UUNP Refit: download the CBBE Refit version, watch the video on how to install
Next you need to get the Optional file from this guide. It's a patch plugin that resolves some conflicts between the just installed esps and US&Requiem.
Load Order:
Ultimate Skyrim - CBBE Armor Patch Plugin.esp
Automatic Variants.esp
Requiem for the Indifferent.esp

What to do next?

You can always add more CBBE armors to your list and fit them to your preset using BodySlide. You just have to respect the maximum plugin size.

You're done. Important things to note: The order in which you installed these mods is important. Please comment on improvements, feedback or bugs. (Only bugs concerning this mod, not Ultimate Skyrim)