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A mod of the dwemer race that try to be lorefriendly in terms of player stats and perks.

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This is my first mod,because i was unhappy with other mods i had downladed, i decided to take it by my hands and do it. Here you will not find overpowered pompous race, just a dwemer race very equal to other races in terms of power and perks, obiusly different and more lorefriendly. These are their features:
_Smithing +10
_Alchemy +5
_Enchanting +5
_Heavy armor +5
_Two Handed +5
_Lorkhan breath: deadly steam can do 150 points of damage.
_Dwemer resistance: 5% to magic, to frost, poison and damage
-10% better forge at the smith.
Requirements: Skyrim legendary edition or better, dawngward.
To install use nexus mod manager or just unzip the file and place it in data folder of skyrim, then activate via launcher in data option.
Please endorse thanks!