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The legendary Red Eagle should not look like a random draugr. This mod gives him a new unique look, and makes him a bigger challenge.

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I saw some people on reddit discussing Red Eagle, so decided to throw this together. 

- Gives Red Eagle a makeover. Now he actually looks like a heartless forsworn warrior, instead of some random draugr.
- Gives Red Eagle some new stats, resistances and perks,  as well as a more aggressive combat style, to make him more challenging.
- Gives Red Eagle's tomb a few new forsworn-themed decorations.


I recommend waiting until level 10-20 before trying to fight him. Depends on your build/combat mods/equipment of course.


You can choose between three versions of the mod. Only choose one.

- One version adds a new model for the sword.
- The other version does not edit the sword.

There is also an optional 'lite' version. It does not edit the sword and does not edit combat stats.

What about the quest?

I didn't edit the quest, you can play it as you normally would.

If you like these kinds of mods - check out this King Olaf Replacer (not made by me):