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PC races have been rebalanced to change their Daily Powers to lore friendly Constant Abilities. Heights have also been adjusted to better reflect TES Lore, and an optional Racial Body Morphs mod patch has been included to further accentuate a TES Lore immersed game play experience.

Permissions and credits
Requiem - Immersive Abilities (R-IA) rebalances PC races, changing their Daily Powers to lore friendly Constant Abilities. Heights have also been adjusted to better reflect TES Lore, and an optional Racial Body Morphs mod patch has been included to further accentuate a TES Lore immersed game play experience.

Compatible with all version of Requiem from through 3.0.x.

Any race records not mentioned on this mod page are set at their default values for Requiem

Height: M: 1.08, F: 1.01
  • Histskin daily power replaced with constant +0.75/sec Restore Health and +25% Health Regeneration. Becomes +10 Restore Health/sec while imbibing in Hist Sap.
  • TES Lore: Poison resist raised to +100% (up from +90% in base Requiem).
  • +7.5% movement speed.

Height: M: 1.0, F: 0.94
  • Dragonskin daily power replaced with a constant 15% chance to absorb hostile spells.
  • Magic resist is now 15% (down from 20% in base Requiem).
  • The above Breton abilities become 20% when in possession of any Daedric item.

Height: M: 0.98, F: 0.95
  • Ancestor Guardian (Sanctuary): constant 10% chance to ignore incoming damage. Doubles when in possession of Azura's Star.
  • TES Lore: Resist Fire raised to 75% (up from 65% in base Requiem).
  • +2.5% movement speed.

Height: M: 1.14 F: 1.11
  • Highborn daily power replaced by a constant +100% Magicka Regeneration. Doubles when wearing Glass armor, as well as when possessing any Daedric item, Auri-El's Bow, or Auri-El's Shield.
  • Base Requiem 40% weakeness to Magic replaced with (TES Lore): 25% weakness to Fire, Frost, and Shock.
  • Maintains base Requiem +50 Magicka and 75% Disease Resist.

Height: M: 1.01 F: 0.975
  • Voice of the Emperor daily power replaced with a constant +15% Fortify Barter and Speech.
  • If using R-IDB: Imperial Cult ability: While an Imperial PC wears any of the Imperial Cult Amulets (of the Eight Divines) and maintains a given Aedric greater blessing, all followers are stronger.
  • Maintains +50 Stamina for Imperial Discipline.

Height: M: 0.99, F: 0.93
  • Maintains base Requiem +15% movement speed, Night Eye power, and Claws.
  • If using R-IDB: A Khajiit PC who wears the Moon Amulet (from Kharlo in the quest "Amulet of the Moon") gains the blessing of Ban Daar, granting +7.5% Movement Speed and +15% Sneak.
  • Khajiit jump 25% higher than other races and have 90% fall damage reduction.

Height: M: 1.11, F: 1.09
  • Tongue's Trance daily power replaced with constant +10% Shout recovery.
  • If using R-IDB: Increased blessings when wearing Kyne's Token and maintaining her greater blessings.
  • TES Lore: Woad (Shield) ability which provides a constant +50 Armor Rating and 25% reduced vulnerability to being staggered. Doubles while the PC imbibes in alcohol.
  • Maintains base Requiem 50% Resist Frost and 25% Resist Shock.

Height: M: 1.1, F: 1.06
  • Berserker Rage: constant +5% dealt attack damage, +5% physical damage resistance, doubling when below 50% Health. 
  • +25% chance to stagger opponents.
  • TES Lore: added +7.5% Magic Resist and +7.5% Smithing Power.
  • The above Orsimer abilities double when possessing Volendrung.

Height: M: 1.045, F: 1.0
  • Adrenaline Rush daily power replaced with a constant +15% Weapon Speed and +10% dealt melee/unarmed damage. 
  • If using R-IDB: Alik'r now all wear light armor that is imbued with blessings of Leki, Onsi, Tu'whacca, or Ruptga. These blessings only effect Redguard PCs and NPCs.
  • Sword Singer: Wielding one or more scimitars doubles the Adrenaline Rush weapon speed benefit.
  • Maintains base Requiem +75% Poison and Disease Resistance.

Height: M: 0.92, F: 0.95
  • Command Animal daily power replaced by Bosmer Marksmanship: constant +7.5% Marksman damage. Doubles when in possession of Auri-El's Bow and/or Shield.
  • The Greenpact Feast provides +5% attack damage and damage immunity.
  • +10% movement speed, doubling while imbibing in the Greenpact Feast.

Load Requiem - Immersive Abilities.esp  after Requiem.esp and before Requiem for the Indifferent.esp. Load R-IA before "Requiem - IA Racial Body Morphs patch".

Thanks to:
Xarrian and Ogerboss for each of their enormous amount of development work on Requiem.
OnHolyServiceBound for permission to include a patch for Racial Body Morphs.
t0miki for in depth bug testing to make fixing the vanilla Skyrim movement speed bug much simpler.