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Adds a new Crystal themed sword based on the Crystal Straight Sword from Dark Souls.

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By FunkyGandalfCat

Note: All assets of this mod were created from scratch by me, nothing was converted from other games.

Alteration magic provides the users the power over the physical world, allowing them to breath under water, create powerful magical armors and wards, freely manipulate objects, create light from their bare hands, and even levitate.

In a huge variety and collection of know spells of the Alteration School, there is one particular magic effect that usually makes a someone's eyes glimmer when they hear about it, a spell that can literally turn metals to pure and shiny gold...

Although the main purpose of this spell is to turn metals into gold, it may be possible for individual to further study and improve this is spell till a point where it might transform metals in any kind of mineral they want, this is probably the case of the Crystal Straight Sword. The shape of the weapon suggests someone tried and succeeded to shapeshift a common sword into a crystal. 
Not perfectly thought, there are marks of chipping all over the sword, which suggests the person tried to fix the final shape of the weapon.

A strange power emanates from it, Suggesting that the experiment with the transmutation spell also used Soul Gem Crystals as an ingredient. The Sword is brittle, but deals devasting blows to enemies.

This weapon features a Dark Souls upgrading style, see the materials below.

Note: This weapon can't be tempered, all upgrading is made on Anvils and Blacksmith Forges.

Upgrade to +1 consumes: 1 Crystal Straight Sword3 Silver Ingots and 1 Petty Soul Gem(Filled)

Upgrade to +2 consumes: 1 Crystal Straight Sword +1, 5 Silver Ingots and 1 Lesser Soul Gem (Filled)

Upgrade to + 3 consumes: 1 Crystal Straight Sword +23 Quicksilver Ingots and 1 Common Soul Gem (Filled)

Upgrade to +4 consumes: 1 Crystal Straight Sword +35 Quicksilver Ingots and 1 Greater Soul Gem (Filled)

Upgrade to +5 consumes: 1 Crystal Straight Sword +41 Centurion Dynamo Core and 1 Grand Soul Gem (Filled)

The physical weapon damage is 1, and does not increase with upgrading, on the other hand it does massive raw magical damage, but has low charges, see more details below:

Crystal Straight Sword +0 deals 100 magical damage and has 20 charges

Crystal Straight Sword +1 deals 125 magical damage and has 21 charges

Crystal Straight Sword +2 deals 150 magical damage and has 22 charges

Crystal Straight Sword +3 deals 175 magical damage and has 23 charges

Crystal Straight Sword +4 deals 200 magical damage and has 24 charges

Crystal Straight Sword +5 deals 250 magical damage and has 25 charges


You end the charges quite fast, but can recharge it for low price of soul gems.

The weapon can be found inside Blackreach, outside and in the back side of the fortress which has the giant round lamp, in the middle of the crystals and geode oren veins, take a look on reference pictures:

Blackreach access points:

Inside Blackreach:

The weapon is the light floating by the body, just interact with it to recieve the sword.

Copy the contents of the archive to your Skyrim\Data folder. Overwrite the files if asked to.
Then active the .esp in Skyrim's Launcher.


Use a installer of your choice :)

Maya 2016
Mudbox 2016
Photoshop CC
Creation Kit

Humus For his cubemap base "Lycksele_Night"
Billyro For converting Humus cubemaps properly
ObitoHideki For his amazing pictures!