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A DLL which fixes bugs in Skyrim's game engine.

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Cobb Bug Fixes

This SKSE DLL fixes bugs in Skyrim's core game engine.

Bugs fixed
Archery downward aiming
If you're crouched on a ridge and try to shoot an arrow downward off that ridge, your arrow may teleport backward and impact the ground beneath your feet. (more info)

Underwater ambience / cell boundaries
Sometimes, when swimming underwater, you'll hear the sounds that play when the camera exits and enters water, even though the camera never left the water. This occurs every time the camera crosses a cell boundary while underwater. (more info)

If you experience issues with this fix, you can disable it using Cobb Bug Fixes's included INI file.

Vampire feeding softlock
When playing as a vampire, you may be left unable to move after feeding on an NPC. Without the right console command, it's permanent. (more info)

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