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Fixes the enemy faction relationships to be aggressive/neutral/friendly depending on the enemy type.

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Started a new play-through of Enderal's Forgotten Stories after installing the Gameplay Overhaul by Ixion (highly recommend it if you are up for a challenge). Anyway, I got trapped early on by THREE different enemy types - Highwaymen, Wolves, and Awakened Lost Ones. Ever get pinned somewhere by enemies that, by rights, should be hostile to one another but aren't? Obviously, I didn't survive, but it raised some questions and found out it really wasn't just in my head. This is just a simple mod to change some of the faction relationships (because literally just about everything was friendly with one another EXCEPT for with the player and player allies. You and your allies are still the number one choice to attack, but at least if these enemies occupy the same space, you may have a fighting chance.


As of patch, while a bunch of work on the faction relationships has been done, there is still more fine tuning to be done with the interactions. I have cleaned this mod up to keep it from conflicting with the new changes. The current version of this mod focuses on keeping the predators hunting the other animals as per in-game conversations and other mobs still being able to aggro each other.


Extract it to your Data Folder. Can be anywhere in the load order. (If you don't have Forgotten Stories installed, use the Vanilla file).


Delete it from your Data folder. Since it doesn't have any scripts, it should be safe to uninstall mid play-through.