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This mod adds difficulty tags to any Speechcraft checks as well as fixes any inconsistencies in Speechcraft checks.

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Disclaimer: These tweaks are provided as is. I WON'T be making any patches, other versions, merges and/or other requests. If you yourself want to change/tweak anything or make a patch, feel free to do so. (see permissions!)

I won't make any ports to consoles or, but I do allow others to do so. (see permissions!)

SE version can be found here.

This mod adds a difficulty tag to each Speechcraft check.

For instance, dialogue text like "Can you look the other way? (Persuade)" will become "Can you look the other way? (Persuade: Adept)"

The difficulty tags refer to the following Speechcraft levels in Vanilla:

- Novice: 10

- Apprentice: 25

- Adept: 50

- Expert: 75

- Master: 100

Note: These values can be different depending on certain perks, or mods that edit these values.

Secondly, this mod fixes many inconsistencies as well as turn many false speechcraft checks (= checks that you will always succeed, or always fail.) into actual checks.