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A shout that turns people into cheese.

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A shout that turns people into cheese wheels.

To get the shout, go to Whiterun and "activate" the lower cheese wheel on the stall in the market. Aim at someone and use the shout to turn them into cheese. WARNING, they will never turn back, they will be gone forever (so use it on someone like Nazeem) or just go crazy! 

  • Sound - "CHEESE FOR EVERYONE" whenever you fire.
  • Cheese Wheel projectiles
  • Explosions (if you're fast you can pick it up!?!?)
  • Custom Config (using globals)

Makes everyone hostile and adds a bounty.

  • CheeseModEssentialKill - Whether to kill essential characters (1 = yes, 0 = no (default))
  • CheeseModMax - Maximum amount of cheese
  • CheeseModMin - Minimum amount of cheese
  • CheeseModAOE - Explosion radius from 0 to 1000
To use the globals, open the console then type "set X to value" e.g. set CheeseModMax to 100

Manual install:
  • Place all the files in your Skyrim Data folder (steamapps\common\Skyrim\Data)
  • Enable the cheeseshout.esp mod in-game.