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Adds Standalone Cephalopod Armor(s) Male and Female

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Adds Standalone Cephalopod Armor(s) Male and Female Fully Crafable and temperable, 
Is First of its kind Here on Nexus, none on nexus nor Steam UNTIL now :)

Two Versions: 3 Helmets

1. Redoran Version (uses Scarab Symbol)
2. Telvanni Version (House Telvanni Symbol)
3. Optional File for Female Redoran ADEC Version now available ( note I tested with various female skins all worked). 

 In Morrowind  (TES III) Cephalopod Armor but purple kind was limited to Telvanni now is for Redoran as well after all they are strongest in 4th era....

Both Versions (light armor btw) are crafted and tempered Same way Heavy Chitin is but is Light armor..

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