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Expand the concept, importance and presence of the Vampire Lords in your game, making vampires much more relevant than ever before, and amongst the most powerfull groups lurking in skyrim's dark corners.

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For Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): 

Expand the concept, importance and presence of the Vampire Lords in your game, making vampires much more
relevant than ever before, and amongst the most powerfull groups lurking in skyrim's dark corners.

Vampire Lords are a powerful type of vampire, much closer to being pure-blooded, although they do not
necessarily have to be, since despite the fact that some of them received the gift directly from Molag Bal
by various ways, some achieved the form by being bitten by another Vampire Lord.

Former mortals who contracted vampirism, Vampire Lords are tall humanoid bat-like creatures with sharp,
sometimes poisonous, talons and small wings. These extremely intelligent and powerfull creatures can shift
between their original mortal forms and the Vampire Lord form at will. They are also capable of using blood
and shock magic, and are constantly covered in a  cloud of life- draining bats. Excelent conjurers, they are able
to summon from Coldharbour the most terrifying vampire cretures, such as Garkains and Fleders, they are also
able to control small armies of Foglings and clone themselves in red ghostly poisonous and life-drainer shades.

They are rare, and just some high lvl vampires have this type of blood and form. Commonly the
ones in charge of vampire lairs, but not allways. Eventually you can also find a couple of vampire
lords in charge of a single vampire lair. They remain in human form almost all the time, just
turning into the vampire form when their human bodies are close to their destruction.

Vampire lords and vampire mistresses are the most common variants, but a bigger variant, with larger wings and grey runned skin, also do exist, and are commonly known as Vampire Kings and Vampire Queens. This ones use royal armor and the males also use a long cape. Despite that, not all the vampire kings have this form, since Harkon for example, being one of the most powerfull vampire kings and using the royal armor and cape, has a form similar to the regular vampire lord, instead of the form of the vampire king, despite his importance and extreme power. The reason is unknown, but maybe and much probably the appearance it's fully optional to a vampire lord. (i dont changed the harkon model, so, he will be affected by the re-texture mods you have installed for his and your vampire lord transformations)

Vampire Kings and Queens are known to be governators of armies and kingdoms of vampire and other dark creatures on the realm of Coldharbour, and only travel to Nirn through portals to solve important specific questions, commonly related to clans that are extensions of their kingdoms on oblivion. However, exceptions do exist, when kings and queens have their realms exclusively on Nirn, and this was the case of Harkon and his Volkihar court.

A strange type called skeletal vampire also seems to exist, but its unknown why they remained using their reanimated bones rather than travel to coldharbour and reconstruct a new body with their daedric vestiges and azure plasm. This ones can raise ghostly vampire lord remains to aid them in combat, and are formidable foes like their "alive" comrades.

So, basically you will find the beasts as chiefs on the vampire lairs and dungeons, commonly on the initial form 
of vampire Nightlords and Nightmasters. Except the Skeletal Vampire that no more has a body.

This mod also makes the Harkon battle harder, and give to him more abilities (some of the Vampire King variant abilities).
Also the high court members of Harkon can turn into lesser vampire lord forms too, such as mistress and lord variants. Valerica now has the Vampire Queen transformation too.

- big expansion of vampire lord concept, adding:
- 5 new variants as enemies
- they have custom new spells and behaviour
- boss fights with them
- 3 forms of vampire shades
- 3 new types of daedric beasts with custom sound, effects, spells and behaviour

- The last Skyrim Update

- DLC Dawnguard
- DLC Dragonborn

This mod does not affect mods that change, improve and expand the Vampire Lord transformation to your playable character, so, there is no incompatibilities with them. This mod focus is to implement more vampire lords into the world, in new variants, without touching your transformation, and just touching a little bit the Harkon's boss fight. Also this mod does not affect mods that improve, modify and expand the vampires as a whole.


Skeletal vampire lord model, textures, effects and animations;
Re-modeling of fogling, garkain and fleder models and part of their textures, also animations, effects and sounds;
Well, vampire lords are from vanilla dawnguard dlc, so, no much touch there, just the custom modified skeleton of both king and queen variants and some of the spells and effects of all them;
Game implementatiion

Some assets used on this mod belong too:
Joseph Russell- esp cleaning
CD PROJEKT RED- the original models and textures
of Garkain, Fleder and Foglings
DrFring- the vampire king and queen body textures