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FPS = 1000

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- Fixed HMS absorb spell effects which caused blue swirls/distortion effects.
- Fixed bronze and shiny skin of humans and vampires.
- Normalized the difference between the brightness of the Candlelight spell when viewed in 1st and 3rd person. Also attached the orb to the camera, so it
   doesn't stay behind the player character.
- Fixed a duplicate texture in Whiterun which unnecessarily consumed VRAM.
- Replaced the sound for Elemental Fury FX. There is a bug in Skyrim that makes the sound unending so I just changed it to a silent one.
- Fixed hair specularity. (Compatible with hair mods!)
- Fixed the hair clipping issue present in male Bosmer.
- Fixed Serana's hood. (More info in FOMOD)
- Fixed torch glow which caused it to look like a.....paintbrush?


- Optimized the LOD of all architecture whilst preserving detail and increasing performance.
- Optimized the body model normal maps of males and females, thereby increasing performance during combat and in actor-heavy areas.
- Optimized raindrop textures. (No discernible difference between this and vanilla; basically free FPS!)
- Optimized snowflake textures. (No discernible difference between this and vanilla; basically free FPS!)


- Removed the repetitive rumble sounds heard in ruins and dungeons.
- Removed blurry snowflakes.
- Removed clouds from sky and map menu.
- Removed flying aspen leaves.
- Removed flying pine needles.
- Removed fog and mist from interiors.
- Removed dust from all interiors and dungeons.
- Removed overhead dripping water from caves. (Example - Eldergleam Sanctuary)
- Removed small ice floes.
- Removed small pebbles.

- Removed smoke.
- Removed those FU#%ING UGLY dead shrubs and thickets.
- Removed underwater grass.
- Removed many useless plants which dot the landscape.