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Changes the world encounters in which Stormcloak soldiers are prisoners of Imperials/Thalmor. Instead, in this mod you will see an Imperial Soldier or a Thalmor Spy being escorted by Stormcloak solders to Windhelm.

Permissions and credits
Three Stormcloak soldiers will randomly escort either an Imperial Soldier or a Thalmor Spy to the Windhelm Barracks (where the prison is). If freed, then will run to Solditude or the Thalmor Embassy, respectively. Created for immersion purposes, since I was a Nord character that won the Civil War but still was still seeing my brothers being arrested. This is a replacement of the original events, so there will no longer be any Stormcloak prisoners being escorted anywhere.

Updated to 2.0 to fix a few bugs I noticed.
- Previously the Thalmor Spy wasn't spawning due to a condition that required the current hold to be under Imperial control. Since this is supposed to be a mod for after the civil war that needed to be changed. Thalmor Spy is now spawning normally.
-Goofy voice lines for the Imperial and Thalmor have been reduced to just 3 each. There weren't many good choices, but each of the three should be understandable (consider the Thalmor lines to be ironic/condescending). 

Notes: I can't figure out how to make the guards attack me if I choose to release the prisoner. They still attack and kill the prisoner normally, but will not aggro on you unless you attack them. Considering this is an immersion mod for true Nords after the civil war, hopefully we can all role play that releasing the prisoner is just an act speeding up of the legal process through some "back-country justice," wink wink. Long live the Stormcloaks, long live Skyrim!