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This is my replacer of most Vanilla clothing. WIP.

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What this mod does:

This mod changes most vanilla clothes using my modder's resource found here:

Willybach's Vanilla Clothing

It modifies the Outfits of most NPCs that wear clothes without actually replacing or overwriting any vanilla outfits, clothing, textures or meshes etc. 

It attempts to add a little more variety to the game, using vanilla meshes, and vanilla textures (HD versions) as a template. There will be clothing that is just a colour palette change, but many others that add patterns, designs and other forms of variation. There will also be some element of repetition, as new designs will have a full range of colour options. I hope to add to this variation as time goes on. It is a WIP and a there will be issues here and there. Please, I would appreciate feedback. Let me know if there's any item of clothing that really bugs you, or if you spot any bugs / mistakes.

What this mod doesn't do:

As yet this mod doesn't have compatability with body shape alteration mods such as UNP or CBBE. It doesn't alter armors (although that might be something I do later). It also doesn't include variations of every single piece of clothing as yet. 


This mod contains a esp which means you can easily go into the creation kit and swap out an outfit for another if it annoys you. It also contains a bsa. Both are required for it to work. 

Future plans:

More variety
Possibly UNP / CBBE support
Possibly some armors
I also need to finish adding Argonian and Khajiit meshes for all hats and hoods etc. 
Perhaps add clothing into merchant lists, with unique stats etc. 

Known issues: 

Belethor has a neck gap for some reason. Have tried several things, but it won't do away.