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A simple modification to the script for Lonely Nirn which enables Animcam during auto-travel.

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Uploaded by request, this a simple change to the QF_autotravelquest script from Lonely Nirn.  What this does is toggle Animcam on when Lonely Nirn's auto-travel begins, and then toggles it off when auto-travel stops.

Requires the original Lonely Nirn mod:
Also requires PapyrusUtil:

Animcam doesn't start like its supposed to:
Try zooming your camera in and out of first person a couple times before starting Lonely Nirn travel.  After testing this with my most recent set up, the camera refused to go into Animcam before I zoomed in and out first.  This may be caused by having other camera mods, such as Immersive First Person View installed.  Currently investigating.

Any other issues with Lonely Nirn:
See the original mod page.