Riften Back Entrance - Thieves Guild by KhaoMaat
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Added: 14/02/2012 - 07:35PM
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Last updated at 12:02, 16 Nov 2015 Uploaded at 19:35, 14 Feb 2012

This mod adds a worn down back entrance into Riften at the disused and boarded up south-eastern gate. The only ones holding the key to the gate is the Thieves Guild and there are only two known copies in existence. This back entrance is used as a stealthy means of getting in and out of Riften and it is conveniently located not far from the entrance into the Cistern. The gate is locked with master difficulty.

Also added is a small path behind Riften, from the standard southern-western gate to the back entrance. Various trees have also been added inside the walls, looking from outside of Riften, for a more accurate view of what fauna is over the walls.

How to open the gate:
For this gate to be accessed you may either try your luck, and/or skill, at picking the lock (at master difficulty), or use one of the existing Thieves Guild's Gate Keys. The only NPC in possession of this key is Brynjolf, who keeps a copy of it in his inventory.

If you are part of the Thieves Guild you may obtain the original copy of the key which lays on the Guild Master's desk in the Cistern, Ragged Flagon, deep inside the Thieves Guild's den.

If you are not part of the Thieves Guild you may successfully pickpocket the key off of Brynjolf, who can be found at one of the stalls at Riften's market. Alternatively, if you are brave and foolhardy, you could try making your way into the Cistern and snatch it off the Guild Masters' table. (Might not work to sneak in when not in the Guild, haven't tested, may be so that you have to join first to be able to enter The Ragged Flagon. If it turns out it's not possible I might try to add it into this mod at a later stage.)

Version History:

Version 1.1: Slightly alters the note referring to the key, you can now discern it's from Brynjolf. Also added all trees from vanilla Riften inside the walls, looking over the walls into the city now looks completely accurate. No more missing trees.

Compatibility issues:
None known at this time. Though it's a fair bet it won't work with Arthmoor's Open Cities Skyrim. It should not collide with any modifications of Riften though as its a really small portion of the city, only just by the old gate, which have been altered in this mod. The fauna modifications have been done to the exterior version of Riften in Tamriel, so the trees added inside the walls will not affect any mods that change the fauna inside the city.