Riverwood Lakehouse by Daniel aka bFe90
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Added: 14/02/2012 - 07:30PM
Updated: 26/02/2012 - 04:15PM

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Version 1.6

- Added secret/hidden basement(work in progress):
* Added 2 mannequins
* Added 6 chests
* Added 4 weapon racks
* Added some weapon plaques
* Added some objects(table, decore etc)

Version 1.5

- Redid some of the terrain on the outside.
- Added objects on the bookshelf under the stairs. Made it a working bookshelf.
- Added chicken nest on the outside.
- Added weapon/shield plaque next to the bed inside.

Version 1.4

- Moved forging stuff behind the house.
- Added a small field with some crops.
- Added misc objects in the front of the house(table, fishing rod, broom etc.
- Redid the terrain surrounding the house.

Version 1.3

- Redid the lightning inside the house.
- Added some more chests and candles inside the house.
- Added a chest outside under the stairs for storing forge-items and such.
- Removed floating stone behind the house.

Version 1.2

- Added a brigde nearby for easier crossing over the river.
- Removed the weapons and armor inside the house.
- Replaced the door on the outside to match the one inside the house.
- Removed floating mushroom behind the house.

Version 1.1

- Added "warroom" in the basement.
- Replaced some of the items in the interior for a better look.
- Added more plants etc on the outside to make it look more natural.
- Added some more objects inside the house like displaycases, chests etc in the basement.
- Moved the sharpening wheel on the outside a little.
- Added some candles on the outside to brighten it up a little.

Version 1.0

- Added archery targets near the house.
- Added bench and one of those campfire thingys near the river.
- Added some trees and flowers near the house, along with some chickens running around.
- Added mapmarker you can fast travel to(name: Riverwood Lakehouse).
- Added new interior, one of the buyable houses.
- Added chest back with the other forging stuff.

Version 0.5

- Added house near the Riverwood River.
- Added an empty interior.
- Added some forging elements on the outside(workbench, sharpening wheel etc).