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Dragons will be enabled immediately at the start of a new game

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News and Update 3.0
Mod has been redone from scratch to remove all the junk associated with it and redone with updated CK. Hopefully this solves any issues. This would not of been done if not for user Iriodus. He messaged me about it and informed me of various issues. Big thanks to him!
To everyone else its not like I have been ignoring you intentionally. PMing me is the best way to get to me as it goes to my e-mail which i check every once in a while. Life has me busy

Workshop Link:
This works great with alternate starts and existing characters. It does not increase dragon spawn count, just enables dragons before main quest.
You no longer need to see the good old Greybeards for dragons to spawn officially. This mod sets the variables necessarily to trigger them. Keep in mind, this does not affect spawning rate, only that they are allowed to spawn now whenever. Also remember that the game does do level checking. So you may or may not see dragons in the beginning. But you will most certainly encounter dragons without having to start the main quest.

Let me know if any problems occur. It all helps.

It is worth nothing that Deadly Dragons Provides dragons at level 1 as well as giving an increased dragon difficulty. HIGHLY recommended if you truly want dragons from the start as well as challenging game play :)

Thank you for your continued support and downloads!
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