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Most house mods a just simple rehashes of existing homes. That's why when the Dovahkin Hideout was released I really liked it. When the Creation Kit went live I decided to make a player home of my own. It's completely build from scratch using a large variety of the existing Skyrim assets. I didn't use any base to start with and it doesn't replace anything. It's not completely finished in my opinion, but I've spend a long time working on it and it's completely opperational. Yes it is big/huge, but you're the Dovahkin, the hero of Skyrim, you deserve a big house.

The player house is directly available for all and is marked "Royal Mansion" on the map, nearby Riverwood. (warning: English is not my native language)


- 14 mannequins
- 14 large display cases (swords)
- 11 small display cases (daggers) (update 1.1)
- 5 weapon racks (1 of 5, 4 of 4) (update 1.1)
- 9 shield/weapon plaques (update 1.1)
- 4 large bookcases (storage containers)
- 6 actual bookcases (update 1.2)
- 2 wardrobes
- 2 nighttables for storage
- 5 storage chests (update 1.2)
- 4 satchels for storage (update 1.2)
- complete forge (including skyforge, update 1.2)
- alchemy and enchantment table
- Shrine of the Arkane and Shrine of Talos

- Two guard NPC's
- Merchant NPC
- Blacksmith NPC
- Follower NPC

These are divided over 6 rooms:
- Hall (2 mannequins)
- Armory (10 mannequins, 14 large display cases, 11 small display cases, 5 weapon racks, 9 weapon/shield plaques & Shrine of Talos)
- Magic room (alchemy table, enchantment table, Shrine of the Arkane, 2 satchels)
- Bedroom/Library/Kitchen room (2 mannequins, 4 bookcases, 2 wardrobes, 2 nighttables, 3 storage chests)
- Forge (all forge related stuff, 1 storage chest)
- Bathroom

Future plans
- Change the exterior look (maybe make it look like a small castle from the outside)
- Add servants/guards/beards etc.
- Make it so that your wife can live here

Update 1.3:
+ Added a bathroom with bath (left of the left stairs)
+ Added two guard NPC's
+ Added a follower NPC
+ Added a merchant NPC
+ Added a blacksmith NPC (not a vendor, one is enough in the house)
- Removed the two extra satchels and replaced them with others
= Fixed the shimering wall in the library
= Fixed the library (not working before for anyone, and no you will not lose anything)
= Fixed the lighting in the forge and armory (made the armory a lot brighter
= Fixed the collision issiues on the exterior
= Fixed one display case and one weapon rack in the armory
= Fixed the grainmill location (with clipping)

Update 1.2:
= Rehash of bedroom. Bigger area containing semi-seperate: bigger kitchen, bedroom and bigger library
= Changed the forge into the Skyforge (and added some random stuff)
+ Added a storage chest to the forge area
+ Added two satchels to the Magic room
+ Added 6 actual bookcases
- Removed static crownstand (although I like it, I really can't find a place to put it... and well it's static so no reall loss)
= Fixed collision issues with god statues and dragon statue
= Fixed collision area in Magic room, you can no longer fall out

Update 1.1:
- Removed 4 dagger cases
- Removed throne
- Removed torch holders
+ Added working candle lights instead of torch holders
+ Added weaponracks to the armory
+ Added weapon/shield plaques
+ Added new throne with working 1st person view when sitting
= Fixed walkthrough DragonMask altar problem
= Fixed conflicting lights
= Rehashed the forge, looks better now

If you have any problems, glitches or suggestions, let me know and I'll try to incorperate it in the next release.

Note: The NPC's aren't perfect yet, but it's a start.

PS: I'll upload a video soon
PS(2): The screenshots are without AA, since I'm playing the game in 3D and don't need it myself)

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