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: Adds a cloak spell that randomly changes between Ice, Fire, Shock, Whirlwind and Sun.
¡¡¡Requires Skyrim Legendary Edition!!!

Permissions and credits
: Just a Simple mod that adds an unique spelltome, The Five Elemental Cloaks.

The spell was created by a powerful mage that latter went mad for so much desire for power ending with its death.
Hermaeus Mora found the only copy of the spell created and decided to add in his collection.
Once cast, the cloaks will appear randomly from the five know Cloak spells of Skyrim and the known DLCs.

You can find the spelltome in the very end of the Black Book dungeon, The Sallow Regent.
However if you wish the spell early you'll need add the spell via console.

Just type:

Player.addspell XX005902

The XX is were the mod is located in your load order.

If you can't find the load order, just type in the console:

Help "The Five Elemental Cloaks"

There's no extra script or anything else used for the mod, only the already made resources from the own game.