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Last updated at 16:30, 14 Feb 2012 Uploaded at 16:27, 14 Feb 2012

There are a lot of very cool and unique items in Skyrim, and a lot of them would make awesome decorations (especially the Thieves Guild larceny targets), but I was always disappointed when I couldn't keep them. Well, this mod adds non-quest versions of those items to Lucan Valerius' shop in Riverwood. All of the items are categorized as miscellaneous and no longer have any function if they had one before (such as the Skeleton Key lock-pick).

To install, just place the .esp in your Skyrim/Data folder.

Items included are:
Trolfdir's Alembic
Berenziah's Crown (this has no Havok, I'm not sure why)
Statue of Dibella (both the all gold and the white and gold ones)
Delphine's Dragon Map
Dragon Stone
Drinking Horn
Jeweled Candlestick
Jeweled Flagon
Jeweled Goblet
Jeweled Urn
Jeweled Pitcher
Dwemer Lexicon Cube (runes, blank, and corrupt)
Dwemer Puzzle Cube
East Empire Shipping Routes Map
Left Eye of the Falmer
Focusing Crystal
Ship Model (both the larceny target and the jeweled version)
Bust of the Gray Fox
Honningbrew Decanter
Mercer's Plans
Olava's Token
Queen Bee Statue
Curious Silver Mold
Skeleton Key
Torture Tools
Damaged White Phial
Sigil Stone
Potema's Skull