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Bend and break the dead to your will and use their remains to extend your power over the living. Use this skills to create impenetrable barriers, dreadful undead armies, walls of shadow magika, wield giant bone swords and turn yourself into an abomination of darkness. Control the battlefield and your victims with the bones of the departed.

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The dead can be a big resource for you to manipulate and exploit, as nothing is forbidden for those who seek to master the dark arts. The Necromaster Skills mod adds two powerfull artifacts, that bring a new kind of tactical play to Skyrim, allowing you to create bone constructs during battle and make use of them in order to overwhelm your enemies and empower your attacks, each one with specially abilities, and since they are constructed and not summoned, they only die when their bodies are destroyed, and you can create how many as your magika allows you to do, including have an army of them guarding your dark fortress.

Also you can overwhelm your foes with destructive dark spells that explode in mists of shadow, create giant bone totems that drain the vitality of your victims, bring from the void a schythe-like arm of a dread Gravelord to use it as your weapon in combat and specially encase yourself (via polimorph magic) in a protective and terrible Bone Tyrant form, turning your look into the exactly physicall definition of terror.

When playing as a Necromaster, you must carefully position yourself and your creations strategically for maximum effect, giving to this new skills an especially tactical-but-deadly playstyle. All this of course requires the mastery of Conjuration (lvl.100), and expensive ammounts of magika, but, specially transformed in the Bone Tyrant form, you gain a big boost that allows you to use the other skills more easely, skills that are made having in mind, obviously, to be used together in a same build.

Whatever your role, the Necromaster Skills brings you powerful dark new tools.

The new artifacts are:

Amulet of the Necromaster

Ring of the Bonemage

When equipped, they give you the following skills:
(first 3 given by the amulet, last 3 given by the ring)

First of all, just the usage of them gives you automatically a boost of magica, but
your stamina don't regenerate while using them, and your health regenerates slowly;

Necromaster Transformation (conjuration)-
you turn yourself via polimorph spell into a Bone
Tyrant for 3 min (but can be used as many times as the player wants). This dreadful form made of bone gives you great
resistance to all types of damage, cuts automatically the effects of diseases and poisons, increases your destruction and
specially conjuration, your magica regenerates really fast, your strenght rises, specially for the usage of one-hand weapons,
you breath underwater, etc., but because it's weight, you loose some of your speed; (as my suggestion: use the form
first, and then the other skills while transformed. To turn back before the 3 min, just cast the spell again on you);

Necromaster Blade (conjuration)-
the arm of a dread Gravelord, cast this weapon in
combat and not only kill, but soul trap the souls of your victims with this sword made of pure bone.
The Bone Tyrant form gives you special skills to use this weapon, and remember, it's
heavy, so, it's slow, but despite that, the sword has a big damage value;

Necromaster Shadowbombs (conjuration)- cast shadowbombs that will explode in
mists of darkness and cause area damage in your enemies. They are slightly slow, but you can cast a
enormous amount of them at same time in various directions, creating real minefields;

Necromaster Minions (conjuration)- create armies of small and pesky Bone Minions (a variant
of Bonelings). These are constructs made using the bones of the dead, and you can throw clusters of bones
into the ground, embraced with necro magicka, that when touch the ground will rise in a explosion of shadow,
creating a boneling. Weak, but easely able to overhelm in numbers your foes, you can create how many do
you want, and they only die when destroyed, not being "life"- linked with you like common summons;

Bone Servant (conjuration)- 
this one works similar to the spell that creates the minions,
but this skill creates a Bone Servant (bone colossus variant), much stronger than them. Other difference
is the fact that in each cast you can only create one of them, but you can create how many do you
want just casting the spell various times;

Necromaster Toten (conjuration)-
this skill creates, in the same way of the 2 last ones, a bone
construct, but this one acts as a static area enemy that drains the vitality of your victims untill get destroyed.


The history behind the artifacts are related to the Black Worm Cult.  A vampire breton called
Corvanius Wormfather (probably related to ESO's Thallik Wormfather), was a high-man of Mannimarco,
and after the defeat of this last one, started a journey to surpass his fallen master. 
He ended dealing
with the Ideal Masters, that gave him the knowledge he wanted and a place to live and do his experiments;


His base is known as Corvanius Basement, and is divided in two areas. You can find it in Soul Cairn,
and is close to the main path, easely dinstinguible because two purple torches on the entrance.
Entrance is guarded by a Wrathman, and i suggest to use torches inside. The first area is guarded
by a big Bone Colossus, that guards the key to the Necromaster's Chamber;

Corvanius Wormfather used a replica of Mannimarco's Amulet of the Necromancer, and a Ring
of the Necromancer also used by the Order of the Black Worm, in order to create the
Necromaster Artifacts, and when you find him, he is under the process of mastering the skills;

He is a boss fight in 3 phases, first one in his human vampire form, when he uses very powerfull
shock magika, life drain, alteration and restoration skills, and raise the dead on his chamber;

After defeated, in the second phase he turns himself definitively in the Bone Tyrant form, and giving his human
body as sacrifice he can attain a much bigger form than you can if you just use the form as temporary transformation.
This form is melee based, but he can also create armies of Bone Minions to aid him;

If you manage to destroy the Bone Tyrant form, he will turn into a third form, a Shade, a dread ethereal form that
you can't attain even using the artifacts yourself due to requiring life-sacrifice. This shade is fast, and only use dark magika.

After kill him, you can loot the artifacts, and use them yourself.

- 2 new artifacts and 6 new spells

- a complete new skill pack to master necromancers

- new small but interesting location and a boss fight

- The last Skyrim Update

- DLC Hearthfire
- DLC Dawnguard
- DLC Dragonborn

This mod should be compatible with almost all other mods.
Works very well with mods like Undeath and similars.


Mihail- Bone Tyrant model, textures and animations, artifacts models and textures, powers, spells and effects,
necromaster dungeon, weapons and creatures, sounds, scripts, game implementation

Some assets used on this mod belong too:

CD Projekt Red- boss arena soundtrack
AeonVita- purple torches
Amin Khani- i modified some of the liches lines he dubbed for
my lich mod, to use them as part of the bone tyrant lines


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