Mages Retreat by stylbash
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Added: 14/02/2012 - 04:01PM
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Last updated at 2:21, 16 Feb 2012 Uploaded at 16:01, 14 Feb 2012

This home contains:
1 dagger display (new addition, not pictured in screenshots)
3 single weapon plaques
1 double weapon plaque
1 double weapon plaque + shield

2 book case containers from the College of Winterhold
3 wardrobes
4 chests (1 outside)
1 cupboard
1 dresser
2 satchels
6 barrels (2 outside, under the deck)

1 Forge, 1 Smelter, 1 Tanning Rack (outside)
1 Alchemy table, 1 Enchanting table, 1 Grindstone, 1 Armor workbench (inside)

A full set of Divine altars, spread throughout the home

With the release of the Creation Kit, I've decided to finally try my hand at modding. This is my first house mod, made for one of my characters that I thought I'd share. I've included plenty of storage and as much weapon display opportunities as I thought looked tasteful. Some of the storage is located outside, for those occasions where you just want to drop off some loot without going inside.

I've tested this as thoroughly as I can, and I'm only experiencing one bug where my follower doesn't like to come inside. I'm working on locating the problem and fixing it. All storage is as safe as I can make it. After storing items and waiting at least four game days, the storage didn't respawn. If you find any bugs, please let me know.

To install, simply drop the esp into your Skyrim data folder, found in Steam> SteamApps> common> Skyrim> Data, check it in your data files on startup, and play. It's already marked on your map.

Everything in the mod is vanilla, but even so, please do not redistribute.