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Added: 14/02/2012 - 03:26PM
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Now added a version that has a full crafting area with a smith/forge, smelter, work bench
and tanning rack. There is also a lovely display area and some more general storage to go
with the crafting doodads. I have foregone mannequins for the time being as I think they
look like abominations unto the lord.


Your very own cosy home that you can teleport to and from! It can only be reached
with a special spell providing total safety and comfort.

The spell required can be found at Belethor's General Store as a spell book called
Dimensional Rift.

This home is mainly designed as a basic mages home and as such contains an enchanter
and alchemy table. There is some storage space and plenty of shelving. Personally I like
to clutter my home with the fruits of my adventures rather than having placed clutter
and as such there is a minimum of default clutter.

This is the first version, pretty sure there isn't any bugs (not a whole lot can go wrong)
but don't hesitate to say if something is horribly wrong that i've managed to overlook.

Just to note, this is my first mod for Skyrim and my second mod ever. The first was a
lovely garden for Oblivion that you could teleport to from the Arch-Mage's Quarters.

If you have any suggestions or want to add to it, please do!

Credit goes to DarkenDe for making the original script, if you upload your own version
please credit him!