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This mod adds a new spell, Summon Skeletal Horde. It summons up to 15 minions in three different flavors; warriors, archers and liches. You can control them in a Overlord:ish style; tell your minions to charge to a location fighting any enemies they may encounter.

Permissions and credits
Summon Skeletal Horde 0.5
by J3X


This mod adds a new spell; Summon Skeletal Horde. It summons up to 15 minions that you can control in a Overlord:ish style.

  • Three different minions; Warriors, Archers and Lesser Liches.
  • Warriors and archers can be equipped with shields and weapons, liches can use staves.
  • You can now toggle between aggressive and passive minions.
  • Charge command: Makes your minions charge towards the selected location, fighting any enemies they may encounter. They will also loot any weapons they can find to make them stronger. You send away minions one by one, hold to send away more.
  • Return command: Your minions will return and follow you. Your minions return one by one, hold to return more.
  • Your minions will follow you in a half circle formation.
  • You can unsummon your minions.
  • Your skeletal minions are now affected by perks (Dark Souls).

Maximum number of skeletons (Warriors / Archers / Liches / summons per cast):
Novice Conjuration
2 / 1 / 0 / 1
Apprentice Conjuration
4 / 2 / 0 / 2
Adept Conjuration
5 / 3 / 1 / 3
Expert Conjuration
6 / 4 / 2 / 4
Master Conjuration
7 / 5 / 3 / 5

  • Install as any ordinary mod, dump all files inside skyrim/data & activate SummonSkeletalHorde.esp.
  • Travel to Skytemple Ruins, directly north of the College of Winterhold.
  • Fight a Skeletal Wizard that carries the spell book.

Yes, I know this is much work, but I got no idea of how to force the game to reset the quest scripts without it.
Only need to do this is you have played this mod before 0.5 with your saved game.

1. Disable SummonSkeletalHorde.esp.
2. Delete files inside "...\skyrim\Data\":
3. Load a saved game.
4. Save the game.
5. Install the new version of this mod.
6. Load your saved game and play.

0.1: Public release

- Your minions should be more quick to act to commands.
- Reworked some internal scripting.
- Book is no longer added when you start your game.
- Added Options spell that can unsummon or toggle passive / aggressive minions.
- Added Skeletal Wizard to Skytemple Ruins.
- Increased to 10 minions max.
- Your conjuration perks affect how many minions you can control.
- Changes casting type of summon spell.
- Minions should be affected by Dark Soul perk.
- You can no longer lot your minions for free weapons.

- Fixed bug when you unsummon your dead skeletons.

- Skeletons are now agressive as default, this should fix some problems people are having. :)

- Added Lesser Liches (with a new model!).
- Summon limit is now 15.
- Added Archers.
- Recall spell recalls all minions.
- Minor stats balancing.
- You now summon more skeletons per spell cast.

  • The fallen skeletons have no raise animation. They will simply stand up when you raise them.
  • Skeletons will sometimes, when you raise them instantly, ‘walk around’ while lying down.
  • Your minions are quite slow to react and don’t like walking in formations, I blame the creepy Skyrim AI and path finding.
  • You MUST follow the upgrading procedure, otherwise you WILL have bugs with the spell.

If you know how to fix any of these please contact me.

All credits to J3X for creating this mod.
Drop me a message at jex_ mus [at] hotmail [dot] com if you want anything.
Or contact me at SkyrimNexus as J3X.

Clone, copy, spread, mutate, merge, and do whatever you want just as long you give me credit for my work.
If you upload this mod to any other site (don’t upload to sites that make money from mods) please make sure that it’s updated and link back to
You do not need to ask for permission to use any parts of this mod.
If you create a modification to this mod please release it.
If you manage to fix some bug or add a new awesome feature please let it be included in this mod as well.

I am no longer modding Skyrim but still provides tech support over email or PM.

I run a small game studio called Catalope Games, if you enjoy my mods please check it out.
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