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New food lists in taverns, created from scratch and based on location. Much more food and variety.

Permissions and credits

  • Each tavern now has individually configured menu, instead of common. The food and its quantity depend on the location of the tavern.
  • Number of food strongly (but, I think, in logical range) increased. No more 8 items, half of which are tomatoes.
  • The new menu contains some food from the Hearthfire DLC.
  • The new menu does not contain raw food. You still can buy raw food and ingredients at the market, or directly from farmers with Mines and Farms Sell Stock.
  • Innkeepers have less gold and get only 50/100 gold from the "Master Trader" perk .
  • The Spiced Wine and BlackBriar Reserve Mead can be spawned in any tavern with a little chance.

To get full control over the food in taverns, it removes the food from the citizen pockets and changes the food properties in two tavern interiors.


It will not affect any taverns added by mods (you can make patch by adding existing or modified lists from my mod to containers)

Compatible: iNeed, EatingSleepingDrinking, CACO (but without CACO-added food in taverns), SkyRe.
Compatible, if you place my .esp after these mods: Trade Routes, RND, You Hunger, Merchants and Citizens Have No Lockpicks.
Compatible with patches that included in installer: Requiem (also place my mod after Requiem), Friendlier Taverns, Ouka's More NPC Pocket Money, Bunnified Citizen Pockets, Pocket Money.

Since different mods related to food and needs can change tavern containers, it is better to place my .esp after them. You exactly need to do it if you don't see my changes.

If you prefer my gold settings, place my .esp after mods that change amount of merchant gold (including Trade and Barter), otherwise - before them.


It requires USLEEP.
Install with your mod manager.
Click "Track" at the top of the page to start tracking mod updates.