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A new highly detailed dungeon combined with a fully voice acted quest for all of you lore-friendly lovers,enjoying a good fight in an epic environment for midlevel to endgame characters.Filled with surprises,loot,books and fully developed interior ,story and npc enemies with leveled loot and gear.

Permissions and credits
Tomb of Ahranas

First of all i am not a native english speaker so be patient with my language skills:D.Second of all,what is Tomb of Ahranas?The Tomb is a vampire hideout,on which i spend quite good amount of time.It's purpose is to add a new dungeon with quest giving fair rewards,but keeping it as lore friendly as possible.It is filled with quite intresting things as- leveled loot,npcs,alchemy table,enchanting table,a couple of lore friendly books,not bad story about the hideout itself and quite few surprises.It will test the power of your mid level to end game chararters.Charaters below level 20 not recommended to enter.Use master difficulty only with caution.

How to actually start the action?
Go to The Bannered mare in Whiterun.There you will find the sad warrior Rogul Firewill.Talk with him.He will give you a dangerous quest,but with high rewards.Tip:read the books which he will give you.If you cannot find him refer to the screens section.I have uploaded 2 new screens with my fellow friend Rogul.

Nexus mod manager installation notes:
1)click download with manager
2)install tomb of ahranas
3)activate the esp

Manual Installation notes:
1)Put the file Tomb of Ahranos.esp and Tomb Ahranas.bsa nad Tomb ahranas.bsl
in the skyrim/data
2)Activate the esp with your favourite mod manager

When you kill Leo and take the handle,if the quest does not update,just drop the handle on the ground and take it.Then the quest will update and you could get your hard earned reward from Rogul :)

For further compatability with modes changing leveled lists please use wrye bash to create bashed patch

Future plans:
1)Improve nav mesh/fix followers to come inside ....(creation kit bug)
2)Optimize difficulty for stealthy assassin.
V1.4Quest added,small difficulty fix.
V1.3Major difficulty overhaul as requested.Tested with heavily armored lv 60,80 percent magic ressitant char.Used potions.
Take care,if u cannot win,use lower difficulty :)
V1.2.1 Minor fix
V1.2High performance optimization .10-15 fps increase.Traps added.
Exit door and entrance reworked-looks better.Minor navmesh improvments.Music added.
v1.1Adjustment to light sources.Reducing number ,but increasing their power leading to new level of atmosphere as requested :)Also bringing diversity by adding number of torches. Also some minor nav mesh changes.New screens also :)
V1.0-Initial release

If u like the mod please come back and endorse it,so other people could find it and enjoy its atmosphere :)Also endorsments increase my will to continue developing mods :)
For any assistance,good attitude,nice video or pictures i will give kudos :)

For further suggestions,feedback,bugs reports,requests and ideas refer to the comment section.I will try to answer as fast i can and give as full feedback as i can.Also if you have a request for a mod you may give me a Pm :)

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