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Help an Argonian cobbler gain access to Fortune’s Tradehouse, a new location added to Markarth with five fully voiced quests for the player to embark on.

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What is Fortune's Tradehouse?
Fortune's Tradehouse is a lore friendly quest mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It adds a new location to Markarth, a tradehouse run by an eccentric Imperial named Fortune. The mod includes a main quest, four side quests, and eleven uniquely voiced NPCs.

Starting the quest:
Fortune’s Tradehouse is located in the northern part of Markarth. Speak with Ut-Keen to start the quest. You can find him standing by the entrance.

Install with a mod manager of your choice, or manually install by placing the ESP and BSA files in your data folder, then activating the
mod from Skyrim’s launcher.

I highly recommend installing “Fix Lip Sync” by meh321. This is a plugin for the Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) that fixes lip sync issues with Skyrim, and as such, requires SKSE.


Fix Lip Sync

Small changes have been made to the city of Markarth. I cannot guarantee compatibility with mods that make significant changes to the city.

Voice Cast:
Crassius Curio: Stanley Swanson
Elle: Shannon Hobby
Fortune: James Appleyard
Inuril: talkingNsuch
Kjorn: R0cky
Morilla: Robyn Rybnik
Myra: Jessica Osborne
Seline: Storm Watters
Trick: Yon Shady Glenn
Ut-Keen: Sean Joyce
Uthor: Keith Brennan (11241kb)

Chris Iniguez
Jacob Oliver
Max Weiner
Sam Travis

All other content was designed, written, and implemented by Collin Anthony.

Special thanks to...
  • Bethesda Game Studios, for releasing, documenting, and supporting their creation kit toolset.
  • The UESP Wiki and it's contributors, for being the comprehensive resource that it is.
  • The Elder Scrolls modding community, for their dedication and generosity.