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The dead emerge from the muck in the swamps of Morthal.

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  • Spanish
"Watch your step. The swamp does not give up her dead."

With this mod, the swamps of Morthal will now be a dangerous place. Monsters emerge from the muck if you stray too close. The more you are splattered with their flesh, the harder it will be to escape. Can you master their power for yourself? 

  • New Bogmort enemy with 16 variants (4 models X 4 textures)
  • A devastating cumulative effect as you become covered in their mud
  • Ambushes scattered throughout Hjaalmarch swamps
  • Bogmort Thrall followers created through ritual sacrifice
  • New rusty weapons and Mire Flesh ingredient

To uncover the secrets of the Bogmort and learn how to create a Bogmort Thrall, go to the Summoning Stones and search for a knapsack...but be ready for a fight. (Location is north-northwest of Morthal.)


What...what are they?
 Read the lore book in-game for more info/speculation. But basically the bodies that are left in Morthal swamp are rapidly decomposed, then their skeletons are used as the core of these muddy beasts. They are related to a creature in Elder Scrolls Online. 
Did I say decomposed? I meant digested.

What is the cumulative effect you mentioned? As you fight them, you will be covered in mud from their attacks. As this mud accumulates, your movement and attack speed will decrease. If you let too much mud accumulate on your body, it will be very difficult to fight or escape.
If you start to become too muddy, try to get away from the bogmorts to allow the mud to fall off before continuing to fight.
Bogmorts without weapons will splash mud on you every time they hit you. Bogmorts *with* weapons can only splash mud with their ranged spew attack.

What are their weaknesses/resistances? Bogmorts are 70% resistant to fire, since their wet mud acts as an insulator. They are 30% weak to shock, since their water conducts electricity but their dirt resists it and heats up, hardening into fulgurites. They are 100% resistant to poison and disease.

Do the Bogmorts level with the player? Yes, within a certain range. High level players (> lv60) will not have much trouble with them. Very low level players (< lv5) should probably avoid the swamps.

Does the Bogmort Thrall count against my follower limit? It counts toward your animal follower limit, not the human follower limit.

I can't find the knapsack?
Search behind the stone pillar at the west end of the Summoning Stones. If you can't find the Stones at all, type "coc SummoningStones" into the console.

After sending a sacrifice to the Summoning Stones, what do I do? After 8 hours, a Bogmort Thrall will appear at the Summoning Stones. Talk to it and it will begin following you.

I accidentally sacrificed an NPC who had a quest item in their inventory. Oops! Find the strong box next to the knapsack, it will automatically grab any quest items from sacrificed NPCs.


The usual. Use a mod manager, or extract the files into your Data folder and enable the plugin. 

Uninstall: Revert to a previous save or use a save cleaner. The mod isn't messy, but as with most mods there is some data stored in your save.

Compatibility: Very compatible. Might conflict with mods that add structures near the Summoning Stones or other places in the swamp.

Requirements: Dragonborn DLC

Languages: Requires translation files for any non-English players. Without a translation patch, you will see English text on vanilla followers.

Thanks to E-kon for the mud spew projectile.
Thanks to Darkfox127 for his animal follower tutorial (scripts not used, but studied).
Thanks to RustyShackleford for lore consultation.

Also available on Special Edition