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Adds 14 custom perks for all types of characters.

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  • Polish
NEW Version 1.3
I haven't updated in a long time, but I decided I'd clean up this mod a bit. I've tweaked a few things as well as added a new two handed perk.

After finding out that the game only takes one version of a perk tree and not the individual perks, I decided to combine all the perks i've made into one tree. And since the CK won't let me create a new perk tree without crashing the game, i've added these perks to the least useful ( and therefore most compatible) skill tree, Speechcraft! I didn't touch the vanilla speech perks though, so no worries if you're a fan of them.

New Perks

(New v1.3) Combative Reflexes
- Honed martial skill allows you to occasionally take advantage of gaps in an enemy's defense when they power attack. As such, the world seems to slow down around you for 2 seconds. Requires 60 Two Handed. (This is set to occur only half the time, so you can't end up relying on it entirely as a method of avoiding attacks.)

Precision Strikes
- Training to strike with pinpoint accuracy increases your damage when wielding daggers by 10% (rank 1) and 25% (rank 2). Requires 50 and 70 Sneak respectively.

Adrenaline Surge
- While wielding daggers, enemy powerattacks seem to slow down the world around you for 3 seconds. Requires 60 Sneak

(REMOVED in v1.3) Relentless Assault
- Falling below 30% health while focused on an enemy and wielding daggers gives heightened reaction time and recovery for 8 seconds. Requires 90 Sneak

Dovahkiin Regeneration
- Doubles your magicka and stamina regen. This is now an OPTIONAL perk, and isn't required in order to access anything else. Taking this perk will make the game-play a bit faster, for those who never liked waiting around for their magicka to regen.

Breath of the Dovahkiin
- Reduces the recovery time of your shouts by 20% Requires 70 Speechcraft

Will of the Dovahkiin
- Enemy attacks, both melee and ranged, provide a 10% chance of steeling your resolve against defeat, restoring a small portion of health, stamina and magicka. Requires 100 Speechcraft

Two Handed Flurry
- Increases your swing speed with 2 handed weapons by 25%. I reduced it from 40% and upped the requirements to 50

Two Handed Ward
- Blocking with a 2 handed weapon now creates a medium strength (80 pt) spell ward in front of your character. This now correctly states itself as an 80pt ward.

- Targeting a staggering an enemy grants chance for a small burst of health and stamina regeneration. Requires 70 Two Handed

Disarming Shot
- Gives your arrows a 25% chance to disarm your target. Now requires 50 Archery

Enraging Shot
- Gives your arrows a 20% chance to throw your target into a frenzy for 15 sec. Now requires 70 Archery

Dovahkiin Professional
- Increases your attack speed with a bow by 30%. Stacks with Quick Shot from the Archery tree. Now requires 90 Archery

Force Guard
- When attacked by an enemy, you have a 20% chance of releasing a limited shock wave, throwing aside any adjacent opponents. Requires a skill of 70 in at least one spell casting school (Alteration, Illusion, Destruction, Conjuration, or Restoration) (Updated: The blast no longer makes NPCs hostile)

Elemental Mastery
-Increases all elemental damage (Fire, Shock, Frost) by 30%. Requires 80 Destruction

While the perks are sitting in the Speechcraft tree, they do have requirements from their corresponding base skill, for instance a Two Handed skill of 50 is required to access the Two Handed Flurry perk.

Since I didn't mess with any existing files, this mod should be compatible with anything that doesn't alter the speechcraft tree itself, it might even be okay with mods that alter the speechcraft perks, so long as it doesn't interfere with the tree. This mod can be considered a WIP since i'll be adding to it whenever I make a new perk. Although the current version shouldn't have any bugs, the Creation kit was being tricky while I was building some of these perks, so please let me know if you come across one. Finally, if you enjoy the mod, please endorse =)

Tweaks (v1.3)
Aside from adding Combative Reflexes I also:

- Removed Relentless Assault. It was far too overpowered. Moreover it was unstable and would cause Will of the Dovahkiin to stop working.

- Reduced Precision Strikes damage multiplier from 25% and 50% to something not so stupidly powerful, 10% and 25% in the first and second tiers respectively.

- Reduced the swing speed of Two Handed Flurry from 30% down a bit to 25%

Old Stuff

I noticed that the different versions of the mod I uploaded didn't have show the correct skill requirements in the description. That's all fixed now!

For anyone who thinks the mod looks overpowered, I made a version with reduced effects.
The Highest Requirements Nerfed version has:

- 20% Stamina/ magicka regen rate increase

- 15% chance of disarming shot

- 15% chance for enraging shot

- 25% increased twohanded swing speed

- a spell ward of 60pts when blocking with a 2Handed weapon

This comes with high skill requirements for unlocking. So if you're looking for a "balanced" version this would be it. To each his own.