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No more mining/killing Shellbugs for their chitin! Just activate instead! :) Show your support - Buy me a coffee? ❤️

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Psst! Find the Special Edition version here!

So you've finally found a Shellbug, a creature that's insanely close to extinction with only two left in THE ENTIRE GAME, but your first instinct is to MURDER IT WITH A PICKAXE?!

Well, not anymore!
You can now carefully harvest some chitin from its shell WITHOUT hurting it with this tiny mod! (only uses 1 script!)
After all, it never hurt anyone! Simply walk up to the Shellbug and activate it (If you can't activate it you probably aren't close enough! Give it a good snuggle!) to receive 3 Shellbug Chitin.

This can be repeated once every 10 days, but you can't simply just wait 10 days in the same cell like an insanely patient madman and expect it to work.
You have to leave the cell and come back 10 days later! No, I will not make a version that removes the wait time, sorry!

I've now uploaded a +2 Version that simply adds two more Shellbugs to the game, but in Skyrim! :) I also added a few rocks (using vanilla assets) to hide them better and a couple of glowing mushrooms near them for effect. This should be compatible with literally any mod. The chances of another mod editing the same area the Shellbugs are placed is extremely rare. I made the one in Blackreach particularly difficult to find because remember, they're meant to be very scarce! Good luck! :)


You can find the two Shellbugs in the following locations (Spoiler!):

One in Forgotten Vale Cave.
One in Sharpslope Cave.

If using the +2 Version you can find two more Shellbugs in the following locations (Spoiler!):

One in Darkfall Cave.
One in Blackreach.

Still can't find any of them? Here are some videos showing their exact locations!:

Forgotten Vale Cave:

Sharpslope Cave (both entrances):

Darkfall Cave:



Special thanks to ReDragon2013 for helping me out with the script! :)