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Hate your over-confident, easily killed, dragon fodder horse? This mod adds a \"Conjure Ethereal Horse\" spell that allows the player to summon a rideable, mystical, lemony-fresh steed! Read on for more action-packed details!

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_________________ Brokunn's Conjure Rideable Ethereal Horse Spell _________________


The Conjure Ethereal Horse spell tome can be purchased directly from the Tuning Stone behind (north of) Whiterun Stables (see screenshot/map). I set the $5000 price to help keep this mod balanced so new players could acquire an appreciation for the fleshy, easily lost and murdered run-of-the-mill horses.

Plus, Ethereal Horses have the following advantages over their counterparts:

1) Customizable
The Ethereal Horse Tuning Stone allows you to not only adjust the horse's speed (normal, medium, fast), but also gives you the option of PIMPING OUT YOUR RIDE: You can now flame on with a smokin new Fire Steed! Or cool off that crotch with a Glacial Grocery Getter! And due to popular demand, introducing the swanky new SHADOW STEED!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EXCITING NEW FEATURE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(...let's say this is in "beta" right now - see Known Issues below)

You now have the option to spawn an additional horse for your follower! This feature will DO NOTHING unless you have Spudgunner's "Better Follower Improvements" mod installed, which is available at (please remember to favorite/endorse):
- Steam:
- Nexus:

Simply select the follower option on the Tuning Stone (you will be prompted to pick a type for that horse too), cast the spell once (both horses should appear), and hop on yours (you wont be able to ride the other). Your follower "should" mount their horse... when they feel like it. They're very reluctant... maybe they're a little nervous. I mean, a horse did just appear out of thin air.


2) Convenience
Have a horse anytime, anywhere you want. Even in your own house (assuming you're in to that kind of thing). They expire immediately after being ridden or about 30 seconds after being summoned and neglected. No more worrying about where you left your real, flea-infested horse, or what dragon it has decided to chase down and commit suicide in front of.

3) Built to last, not to fight
If not being ridden, Ethereal Horses are ghostly, spineless cowards that will vaporize instantly upon the slightest touch from an enemy. I was always annoyed when my flesh-bag horse started tanking dragons for me, so I crafted these babies to get you from point A to point B, not help you kill point B. So, conjure a familiar or something and see how that works out for you.

The trade-off is you can now base-jump off a 3000 foot mountain top! Yes, your horse is completely invincible when being ridden. Incidentally, you are also somewhat invincible when riding an ethereal horse... But hey, if you can't fight from horseback, should you be able to die on horseback? That's my justification, and I'm stickin to it.

4) Speed
Ethereal horses walk and run faster than normal horses. They also don't run out of breath, since they technically don't have lungs.

5) Sex Appeal
Everyone knows that love a nice ride. What says dragonborn better than a mystical, glowing steed that you summon from thin air? It's like the horse-version of a mystical, glowing DeLorean that you summon from thin air! And there's no poop to clean up.

Media & Links:

1) Videos (older videos have been archived)

2) Links
This mod is available at:
- Steam:
- Nexus:

Future Updates & Known Issues:

1) Flashier summon/banish effects (this takes a surprising amount of effort to do correctly, and I'm going for functionality over form for now).
2) I'd really like to remove the "squealing" sound effect the horse makes when falling from high places, however, that may be impossible to do on a single horse.
3) "WaterWalking" is more like "SinkSlower" - there doesn't seem to be much I can do to fix it at this time... the sinking is a little strange, though somewhat effective, so I'm leaving it for now.
4) Glitchiness/crashing issues when running/sprinting are most likely a function of Skyrim's massive outdoor areas trying to load vs your computer trying to keep up. I'm fairly certain this is why they dumbed down the default horses in the first place.
5) At some point, I'd like to adjust the Tuning Stone to work more like an Enchantment Altar, and allow players to not only select MULTIPLE special effects, but also possibly select the base horse that is summoned (i.e. you could summon Shadowmere/Frost/etc)
6) When jumping, the horse slows down. Not sure if there's much I can do about that one... maybe some sweet rocket hooves.
7) When you dismount, your follower may not dismount in time before their horse is banished. Temporary fix: point and laugh.
8) Attacking your follower's horse may have unforeseen consequences. Name-calling is acceptable.
9) Fast-traveling, or leaving your follower in the dust will cause their horse to disappear.

Troubleshooting Guide:

Special Thanks
- Chayification, Grumpy Gaming HD, MarcuSUK123, and Withstanding for their amazing Youtube Videos (above)
- Imp of the Perverse's post about mounts over on the Creation Kit forum.
- Exocet for his input on special effects - now I have to figure out when to stop the madness.
- Spudgunnerfor his fantastic Better Follower Improvements mod!
- Search terms: Conjure Horse, Summon Horse, Conjure Mount, Summon Mount, Well Hung Author
- Note: This is my very first Skyrim mod, may Stendarr have mercy on me...

Don’t miss out on my less practical, but exponentially more adorable Conjure Mini Pet Spell!
- Steam:
- Nexus:

Change Log
__________________ 2012-03-18 Version 1.8
1) Made some adjustments to how the horses are removed from the game when casting multiple times and when left behind in another cell.
2) All existing horses are cleared and values are re-set when talking to the Tuning Stone.
3) Added a 10 second delay before banishing the horse(s) when dismounting to prevent followers from constantly sucking pavement.
4) Fixed an issue that prevented player and follower horse from being the same type.

__________________ 2012-03-11 Version 1.7
1) Hopefully fixed the invulnerable/invincible issues some users were having.

__________________ 2012-03-04 Version 1.6
1) Added follower option to Tuning Stone - compatible with Spudgunner's mod that allows followers to ride horses (see above for links)
2) Removed the Spell Tome from shop vendors - If you had another mod installed that also altered Spell Tome vendor's inventories, it would conflict with this one.
3) Made the Sell Tome purchasable at the Tuning Stone (for $5000 exactly)!
4) Only a single horse (or one additional for your follower) can be summoned at a time. Casting the spell in succession should banish the originals (this may be a little buggy, but we'll give it a try).

__________________ 2012-02-19 Version 1.5
1) Added "Shadow" option to the Tuning Stone
2) Updated all horse "effects" to use EffectShaders instead of Spells (still learning this stuff...)
3) Updated the spell description to fit with the game a little better (it was too long).

__________________ 2012-02-21 Version 1.4
1) Added the new Tuning Stone feature for skin/speed adjustments (see Details above for... details)
2) Adjusted the price one last time. I said LAST. (see Know Issues above for... known, er... details)
3) Disabled the "Disallow Spell Absorb/Reflect" option to prevent conflicts with the Atronach Stone power (thanks jrpsomc)