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Adds 3 Rings to the forge carrying Backstab, Fortify Enchanting and No Falling Damage.
Adds Armored Jewelry, Guild Armors, Unique Armors and a selection of Weapons.
Removes enchanting restrictions and weights of crafting components.
Adds a Summon Horse Spell.
Adds Dwemer Storage Cube by YsCordelan
Adds Trapdoor Travel

Permissions and credits
I reached my mod limit so this is an attempt at consolidating a bunch of smaller mods, I have intentionally not referred to any other mods while doing this, so if it resembles someone else's mod it is purely coincidental.

If you only want the enchantments use the 1.0 version.

NOTE: To open locked doors etc.. Open the console ("~" Key) click on the door, type "unlock" and hit enter.

Version 1.3

Adds a modified version of YsCordelan's Dwemer Storage Cube - Pre Stocked
(original file
Includes: Trapdoor Travel to Player Homes from Cube and various minor enhancements.

Version 1.2

Adds Archmage Robes, Greybeard Robes, Psiijic Robes, Mirrak's Robes, Dark Brotherhood Robes, Black and Brown Gloves to the Tanning Rack.
Adds Light Armored Black and Brown Gloves to the Forge.
Adds a Temperable Auriel's Bow and Arrows to the Forge
Adds an Ebony Blade that is tagged as One Handed ie. It works with Backstab.
Adds a Summon Horse Spell Tome to the Tanning Rack.

Psiijic Gloves do not work on some races so I've added Black and Brown Gloves.
Summonable Horse is 180% speed, it may cause stuttering on low spec PC's.

Version 1.1

Adds 3 Rings to the forge carrying Backstab, Fortify Enchanting and No Falling Damage.
All can be disenchanted at the Enchanting table.
Removes enchanting restrictions on clothing and armor in the mod.
Increases Enchantment limit to 50.
Adds Armored Left and Right Handed Rings, Circlet and Amulet to the forge.
Adds unenchanted Thieves Guild, Thieves Guild Master, Karliah's, Linwe's, Nightingale, General Carius', Dark Brotherhood and Vampire Armors to the forge.
Adds unenchanted Nightingale weapons, Ebony Blade and Blade of Woe to the forge.
Removes weight from all items in the mod as well as Alchemy Ingredients, Ores and Ingots, Hides and Pelts, Soul Gems and Jewels.
Circlets can be worn with hoods that are part of the mod but may show through in some cases.

Depending on what mods you are using Human Flesh and Hearts will still have original weights.
Some Armors are Male or Female only. General Carius' Armor will revert to General Tulius' Armor on females.
Vampire (Serana's) hood reverts to a College hood on Animal races and males etc...
Other mods that modify the eyes will result in less than optimal results from the eye fix.

Some other Armors are still to come.
If there is anything you would like added leave a message and I'll try to include it.


This mod is shared under a WML 1.0 'Cathedral' license. This means you are free to:

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    Modify and re-distribute this work

So long as you:

    Give the author(s) due credit

    Link back to the original mod page

    Distribute your mod under the same license

See for more details.