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Big Winter Holiday Resource Pack. 295 files, meshes only, very light. All objects have collision.

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Here's a Winter Holiday modding resource that I've been working on for the last 2 weeks. 

It's just meshes - with collision - so it's a very compact download, but it's almost 300 files in total. 

I tried to incorporate a wide variety of Christmas-tree decorations, from very fancy variations (with pearls, gold and shiny textures) to very modest objects made from clay, whittled wood and various fruits and baked goods. 

Most of the variations in this pack was generated within Nifskope by playing around with Vertex Colors (that gives parts of, or an entire object a specific hue), UV-mapping (which determines how a texture is going to be mapped onto an object) and by cube-maps, which gives an object a particular sheen (very reflective, very warm, very cold, etc). 

These changes are very easy to make within Nifskope if you want to generate your own variations. I wrote a simple guide on how to do this for another mod, and you can find it here.

It's a good stepping-stone for anyone who is interested in Skyrim-design-variations, but don't feel brave enough to dive into a proper 3D-program like Blender.


Tamira - for the tapestry-pole in her Assorted Resources file, that I used as the basis for the "Spiky Drop" hanging decoration, and for the inner-screw in the Christmas-foot, lifted from Stroti's Craftman's tools, ported by Tamira.