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NOW YOU CAN FLY IN A MIST FORM!!! With several colors to choose.

Permissions and credits

I have always been excited about the way Voldemort in HP series was flying:
So I decided to try and implement this flight to Skyrim.

Many thanks for the showcase made by SaymonKopolsky Gameplay

Many thanks for the showcase made by Stormwolf

How it works

There are spell books, that you will be able to buy from merchants across
Skyrim. More often those books are sold by magic merchants (Tolfdir for
There are Mist flight Spell
Mist Flight Configuration
In the configuration spell you will be able to configure the flying
settings as you wish and you will able to choose wich of the flight
effects you prefer, there are six of them.

Installation and Requirements:
First of all you will need SKSE  and FNIS 
The installation of SKSE is very simple - just copy and paste data folder
to your skyrim folder (where skyrim.exe is situated). The FNIS
installation guide is available on it's page. it is very easy to install
and use.
After you are done with those two install this mod via NMM. Then launch FNIS
for Users and click update behaviors. Wait until it is
done. After it is finished - close FNIS and launch the game through

I recommend you to use the following mod if you have eye glitch after using the mist flight.
Eye Fix

I would also like to recommend you to tweak your game .ini so that you
can adjust your camera position to be more far away from the character in
case the smoke is to dense while flying. I thing BETH ini does it well
or any other mod that tweaks the camera. There are also several
tutorials on the wikia and web on how to manully tweak the camera to be
more far away from the char.
Camera tweaks for Customizable Camera mod for better view in flight by Saymon

So far I am not aware of any - please report if you find something peculiar!

Special thanks to:

My work:
Bat form in Human Form
Mist Flight SSE
Flying Mod Beta SSE Conversion
Concentrative Fire and Frost Breath Overhaul
Avada Kedavra spell (Killing curse) SSE
Mist Flight