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Read the note found by the door to learn why the house is abandoned and how to get the key.

" Hello wanderer, thief, adventurer, or crazy person. I don't know what brought you here to this house and quite frankly I don't care. I am leaving it for good as of today! It is yours now do with it what you will!"

Adds a player house designed off the Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood for the basic floorplan. Many changes inside, Too much to describe! Plenty of storage inside. Has plenty of storage for supplies, a pantry with barrels and such, many weapon racks, a small library sitting room, and 6 mannikins.

Adds a separate workshop for all your crafting needs. I dont have a workshop inside my home and i wont have one in my game home either. Includes chests for crafting supplies. Smelter and wood chopping block outside. Key is in the main house.

Adds a small guesthouse. bed, table, common farm home. key is in the main house storage room.

Adds a mine for the player based off of Kolskeggr Mine. several ore varieties but mainly gold. this will be further changed, as of now just some new ore and no forsworn in it. Key is in the main house.

Adds 4 new craftable shields. These can be found in all three buildings if you dont want to craft them.

Adds a cabin near hunters rest.

Adds a starter home near the standing stones on the way to Riverwood.

Adds a Home on the west coast.

Highly suggest people download and use Emma's spouse mod. It will allow you to have your spouse live in any home not just the vanilla player homes.

* Pantry containers are set to respawn. There are 6 empty barrels in the kitchen for player storage.
* Keys for outbuildings and mine are found inside the storage room, either on a chest or inside the safe. The containers in that room are supposed to be safe for storage.
* Containers in the crafting shop should be safe to store in.
* weapon racks that are out of reach, use the console command "TCL" without quotes to reach them to change the weapon.
* I do not like display cases so do not ask for any. and I have no plans or desire to add a "trophy room".
* I have plans for the decorative items in the storage room so please dont take them. if you could care less if I update and include those plans then go ahead and take them.

Update Info:
V3 -
. Fixed bookshelves and mannequins.
. Added a hostler to sell a horse at Waterfall home.
. Various small fixes.

Future plans:
* Make the "quest" to get the key an actual quest that's in your journal. Right now its a quest with no journal entry.
* Make a quest for the decorative items in the storage room. Make those items all fakes for the quest. This will possibly make use of the guest house. (partially complete, needs quest)
* Add more houses throughout Skyrim. Useable as player homes or the NPC that is there could be the owner. Players choice.
* Add a small town.
* Add dungeons to various locations.

Things I need:
* I need location ideas for new homes.
* Help with quests and scripting.