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Newest version should work as an infinite duration toggle. By request here is a few different versions increasing the duration of the Khajit Night Eye power.

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Newest version should work as an infinite duration toggle.
Toggle Vampire sight is untested by me, if you have a character with vampirism please tell me if there are any issues using it.

1: It says that it's 0 second duration, but it doesn't seem to wear off for me.
2: It doesn't show up in the active effects tab, but that doesn't seem to effect anything.

Had some requests for this messaged to me after I uploaded the Longer Candlelight Spell mod.
Only use one version at a time.

Longer Khajit Night Eye by Hull

Increases the duration of the Night Eye power.


(1) Put the .esp file into your /Data/ folder in your skyrimm install location.

(2) At the skyrim launcher, click on Data Files, and make sure that longernighteye60min.esp is checked. OR open %localappdata%\Skyrim\plugins.txt and add longernighteye60min.esp to a new line.

NOTE: replace longernighteye60min.esp with whichever version you downloaded


Delete longernighteye60min.esp

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