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The Fuz-Extractor is a little tool to extract the audio-part (xWMA) and the lipsynch-part (LIP) of a .FUZ file (in "Skyrim - Voices.bsa").

It can be used to extract the audio file:
fuz_extractor -e
fuz_extractor -e mqsovngardeconv2__000f1c7b_1.fuz

Fuz-Exctractor is also capable of creating a completly new FUZ-File out of a given lip- and xwm-file.
fuz_extractor -c

Fuz-Extractor can be used to insert a audio-file (xwm) in the given fuz-file. The orignal audio-part is overwritten.
fuz_extractor -c
fuz_extractor -c mqsovngardeconv2__000f1c7b_1.fuz mqsovngardeconv2__000f1c7b_1_new.xwm

The other case is also possible: You can insert a new lip-file in the given fuz-file. The orignal lipsync-part is overwritten.
fuz_extractor -c
fuz_extractor -c mqsovngardeconv2__000f1c7b_1.fuz mqsovngardeconv2__000f1c7b_1_new.lip

In this case, both files have to exist.

The extracted audio-file (xwm) is in xWMA-format and you may use the command-line tool "xWMAEncode" to decode it to WAVE. (and then use the file as you please). That tool may be used to covert a WAVE (with some restrictions) to xWMA.
- xWMAEncode is part of the DirectX SDK:
- Usage of xWMAEncode
- More Info on xWMA:

The extracted lip-file has the same format as in oblivion (maybe other bethesda games too). So you could possibly generate a lip file using the construction set of oblivion and pack it and the audio-file (after conversion) to a new fuz-file.

I tested the insertion with audio-files that were longer and shorter than the original audio-part. Both cases worked for me, the text of the dialog was shown as long as the audio-file played. If you insert a audio-file that doesn't match the original text (and speech tempo) the lip-movments and shown text won't match yput file. You are just replacing what sound is played.

If you find a bug please tell me.
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Thanks to TillEulenspiegel for the Hint (

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