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Volkihar silverware replacer; Enhanced Blood Textures decal fix.

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Silverware in a vampire castle? Doesn’t it burn their tongs and lips? Did Volkihar Clan members developed resistance to silver?
I don’t think so, hence I’ve made this little mod, which replaces the silver clutter from Volkihar Keep. It comes in two variants, A) bronze and B) red/iron.

Incidentally, I’ve also restored the vanilla blood decal texture (only for the three bloodied silver items from Dawnguard DLC) which got replaced by the otherwise fabulous Enhanced Blood Textures mod. Can’t play vampire without EBT, but those red banded goblets drove me nuts.

And while at it, I’ve replaced some of the bloody bones on tables with human hearts because I like to think that vampires eat better than dogs do.

That’s all the mod does. Enjoy!


  • The mod makes small edits in Volkihar Keep interior, there's a slight chance using it in combination with other mods changing the same cell will arise issues. (usually solved by changing the load order)
  • It also edits DLC1SilverGobletBlood01, DLC1SilverGobletBlood01, DLC1SilverJugBlood01 models. 

SSE Version : here

Note: You may occasionally notice some vampire NPC still drinking from a silver goblet. Yes, it annoys me, but I won’t change that idle unless I figure out exactly how many non-vampire NPCs are using it. 

Second note: Variant B contains my own take on tableware textures. And when it comes to textures manipulation all I can do is cut, paste, colorize and normal maps, so don’t look too close at them. Or if you do look, don’t speak.

Credits: The_Funktasm