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Light armor set for adventurers and treasure hunters.

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Thanks for helping get this to the hot files everyone!

Now with female conversion!


The Treasure Hunter's Garb is a light armor set, made for adventurers, rogues, and treasure hunters.

I made this armor with the idea of making an outfit for an Indiana Jones type character but in the fantasy setting. I've bouncing the idea of an outfit like this for years, and after a month of work I'm excited to release the culmination of that idea. This has been my first attempt to create an armor mashup, as well as my first time doing any significant retexture work. I hope you'll be as satisfied as I am with the result.

The outfit is comprised of linen pants with leather reinforcements, a quilted fabric undershirt, and a studded leather vest. Lastly two metal plate pauldrons on the shoulders, to provide substantial protection without reducing mobility. Lastly the outfit is completed with an optional neck scarf, for warmth, additional protection, and adding a touch of flair to the design.

This outfit comes with a variety of options for the user, first there is the default look with no scarf, as well the scarf'd version. This variant comes with 8 different colors to choose from, so there should be something for everybody (blue is my favorite). 

The armor pieces can be crafted at the forge (it should not require any smithing perks to craft). The entire collection can also be found in a small chest in the Radiant Raiment, on a table in the entrance.

***The gloves and inner sleeves use vanilla pathed textures, so their appearance will be based on what texture replacers you have installed (If you want to replicate mine, I use Rustic Clothing and Frankfamily's Thieves Guild Replacer, in that order)***

As I said before, this is my first mashup attempt ever, and while I think it came out pretty well, there are some issues I have no been able to remedy so far. Thankfully I don't think any of them are too severe, and are more nitpicks.

SINGLE WEIGHT: This armor is only set to a single size, so it won't change with your character weight. I made it primarily to fit my main character, who is set to .75, hopefully it will work for you as well, at least until I figure out how to make a low weight mesh.

CLIPPING: There is some clipping in the shoulder area with some stances, especially unarmed combat stance. I've reduced it as much as I can (and believe me it looked much worse before) but I can't do much more without some bad warping.

MALE ONLY: As of now this mod is only usable for males, all of these assets were made for the male body specifically, and I have no experience with converting outfits.

However! I do happen to know that one experienced author showed interest in converting this mod to a female version, so keep on the lookout! I'll update this page with any future developments if that happens.

Jeir and her modder friends surprised me with a conversion of this for females! It's been converted to SSE bodyslide, while I cannot add the bodyslide functionality here as SSE's version functions differently, I was able to make the cbbe slim conversion compatible for LE with Nif Optimizer (I have not used sse myself, but from what I've been told sse cbbe is not the same as LE cbbe mesh wise. Regardless, it's a damn good conversion.)

To the best of my ability I have not noticed any bugs from the conversion, but if there is any please let me know.

Artsick for helping clean up these .nif files and fix some minor mesh issues on the originals. And all the people who put up with me and my many questions while I stumbled through learning how to make this mod.

str8maverick for his Duelist Longcoat mod, a great concept that I've always wanted to utilize in some way. I trimmed it down to the vest piece, then did a total retexture, with high resolution assets, and scaling up the UV maps for more detail.

JRC001 and OperatorCactus for the Metal Plate Pauldrons.

Ellise for their Wayfarer's Coat mod, where I acquired the scarf.

FranklinZunge for the quilted fabric undershirt, from his mod Common Clothes

CD Projekt Red for creating the assets for the pants (Letho's Pants)
L0rd0fWar for porting the witcher 2 assets over originally
Iamonewhoplaysgames for his standalone mod of the pants, where I discovered them originally.