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About this mod

This mod adds several sets of armor to Skyrim.

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  • Russian
Description :
This mod adds some new light armors to Skyrim.
The mod includes some armors, gloves, boots, pants and hood.
It's female only.

Archer Armor Brown : Armor, Boots, Gloves, Hood, Pants
Archer Armor Black : Armor, Boots, Gloves, Hood, Pants
Altmer Scout Armor : Gauntlets, Boots, Pants, Circlet(Gold, Silver), FaceGuard(1,2), Buckler Shield
Altmer Scout Armor Blue : Armor, Pants
Altmer Scout Armor Red : Armor, Pants
Altmer Scout Armor Purple : Armor, Pants, Gauntlets, Boots
Lindsay  Outfits : Chain Armor(1,2), Boots(1,2), Short Pants, Long Boots(Brown, Black), Circlet(Gold, Silver)
Nevaeh  Outfits : Armor, Gloves, Leather Pants(Brown, Black), Mask
40 items in total

How to get it in game :
You can buy them from
Lindsay at The Drunken Huntsman.
(You can make armor in Skyforge that Lindsay does not sell.)

Install :
Use a mod manager or copy the contents of 'Data' into your Skyrim 'Data' folder
and run the Skyrim launcher and check the "Gigaduex_Outfit.esp" in the Data Files section.

Uninstall :
Use a mod manager or Uncheck the esp plugin and delete the Mod files from the data folder.

Requirements :
UUNP or CBBE body meshes & textures.

Update :
Version 2.0 -
Altmer Scout Armor set added.
Fixed Meshes with Archer Armor and Hood.
Lindsay's costume has been changed.
Updated Lindsay's Armor texture.

Version 2.1 -
Altmer Scout Circlet added.
Archer pants have been changed.
Fixed clipping problem in pants.

Version 2.2 - CBBE only
Fixed skin color issue in Archer Armor Brown.
Lindsay's Long Boots Black added.

Version 2.3 - UUNP only
Lindsay's Leather Pants Black added.
Fixed clipping issue with Archer Armor.

Version 2.4 - UUNP only
Altmer Scout Armor 'Purple' set added.
Buckler Shield added.
Altmer Scout Armor Blue has been changed.
Fixed Meshes with Archer Gloves.
Lindsay's face was changed.

Version 2.5 - Final Update
Lindsay Armor2 and Lindsay Boots2 added.

Version 2.5.5
Improved meshes and textures.
Added several Circlets.

If there are no bugs in version 2.5x, I will not update anymore.
Thank you for downloading my mod.

SSE Version