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this is my persnial wip project iv started its a new world to go to and some miner upgrades to the main world

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work has gone to a supper slow progress do to the moding api for skyrim nopt likeing my pc i need help with makeing it use more memmry thin its defoult settings to get it to load faster and render each chunch faster im useing an 8gb gddr5 gfx card and 18 gb ddr3 ram and the c.c. is useing 50% of it and is lagging i need help alowing it to use more memry / resorcees for loading / rendering if u know how to do this plz let me know so i can get back to work

if u like this project and wanna help plz fell free to spread the word about it and make vidoes if u wish :)
im also looking for help with new plant/tree modles to use (creadit will be listed of corse if u alow me to use thim ) mostly looking for modders resorces

CURRENT VERSION IS  V2.7! use both files in the folder to make run right world shoud now load right the coc spawn is the fast get there command and the doors shoud now show up in write-run behind the breeze home -- report ant bugs u come across

patch notes 

V2.8 STARTED WORK ON NABERING CONTRY CALLED CATACA this regond will be mostly made up of kajite the 1st of thies citys in the area is called lakeland and can be found if u go wast of the capatial city and turn south on the 1st roat atm u see a traffic light cince the catacons are slightly more adv thin the reast of the world is atm area is stell in experamintial layout mode so u may see bugs if u do plz report thim to me this includes flooting trees >;) also started experamenting with fog ingame to add a beter feal to areas next to lakes and swamps stell havent learned how to make it apper whin its early morning yet tho so its just on allways atm

v2.7 atimped to make mod lighter / not take as much memery to download and finished layout of main kamelot city district as ushial report any bugs to me

v2.6 started work on the city of kamelot south of the city of tal'vic the new city will be 1 of the biger citys i make and is an experamential area for makeing towers and what not :) as ushial report any bugs to me no mater how small and ill do my best to fix em 

v2.5 worked on the area around the city of talvic and some of the area east of it past the guardion tree

v2.4 just mostly work in filling areas that were prevuslly unfilled with plants may have gone over kill tho lol as ushial extrackt to data and use both files to make run shood only show 1 up in mod loader tho :)

V2.2 HOPEFULY FIXED THE ISUE OF THE NPCS SPAWNING IN WHITE-RUN and ganking the player thies npcs were left overs form testing thay can stell be found in the new world as intended for thim 

ADDED IN/STARTED WORK ON NEW DISTRICT OF MAIN CITY stell wip but is there rats and some sandbox npcs

v2.1 fixed mod to work hopefuly added in the rat npc ad test target atm nere the folkreeth player home plz let me know if theres any bugs

up comming fixes
v2.2 removing the dooplucit npcs form the main world to keep thim form derping out thay wernt ment to be there just left over form the alpha tesdting there normal counter parts will be in the new world only


this is my persnial wip project iv started its a new world to go to and some miner upgrades to the main world

this project is a wip and will most likely updeated constently intell elderscrolls vi comes out :)

it adds a new world to explore and changes some of the main world to look better

the new world is called hudoria and is custom made by freehand no plans are made to lay it out and its always upgrading and changing as i learn how to make mods its curently about 1/4-1/3rd the size of skyrims world and ever changeing and expanding the normial entrince is located in whiterun atm but will be moved once i lern how to make better portials its a large wood door by the breezhome atm

things to note!!

the world is stell a [work in progress] so if u see bugs plz report thim ill do my best to fix / make a work around thim

if u wish to help by provideing plants trees and knolage plz fell free to do so as im a noob and only have the bassic game data to use atm

load order

allways keep it in order or a pach may derp out :) dosent mater were it is compared with the outter mods u have just beware some outter world changeing mods may look odd with it

conflicts with outter mods

only a cople but may not mather much 
1 open citys = wont beable to see the changes with in citys if u use this mod but it may stell work just use the coc spawn to get into new world and coc riverwood to return

outer landscape / plant/tree mods only if thay are placed in the same spot but it wont crash [hopfuly]
some mods that work with the harthfire dlc may not look right do to trees being added to thos areas

and yes my english sucks >;D

known bugs

1 some times the new world can derp out and have missed mached tile placement if this happens just save game in new world and reload

2 the speed horse is to fast atm it will get nerfed slightly to keep it more ballanced

injoy and dont forget to give some feedback

helpers creadit / links to there resorces/vidoes

none as of yet but stell looking :)