Perk Tree Refit by E2-B2
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Added: 13/02/2012 - 10:02PM
Updated: 13/02/2012 - 10:44PM

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I found the default tree very difficult to move around in & ended up spending more time trying to navigate it then putting skill points into it.
Well no more, all skill branches are now much easier to navigate.
Each branch has been positionally altered for UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT controller movement.

Note* some branches just don't like being moved around, so they are not as optimized as I'd like them, but they are a major improvement.

PERK_TREE_Refit_Vanilla v1
Did not make any Level or Requirement tweaks to any Branch. (as Requested)

PERK_TREE_Refit v1
I also modified Levels or Requirements as follows:

Smithing: (see below)
Steel Smithing (unchanged)
Advanced Armors lvl 30, from 50; Requires Steel Smithing.
Elven Smithing lvl 40, from 30; Requires Advanced Armors.
Dwarven Smithing lvl 40, from 30; Requires Advanced Armors.
Archane Blacksmith lvl 50, from 60; Requires Advanced Armors.
Orcish Smithing (lvl 50, unchanged)
Glass Smithing (lvl 70, unchanged); Requires Elven Smithing.
Ebony Smithing (lvl 80, unchanged)
Dragon Armor lvl 90, from 100; Requires Ebony & Glass Smithing.
Daedric Smithing lvl 100, from 90; Requires Dragon Armor.

Did not make any Level or Requirement tweaks to:
Alchemy, Alteration, Block, Conjuration, Destruction, Enchanting, Heavy Armor, Light Armor, Lockpicking, Marksman, Illusion, One-Handed, Pickpocket, Restoration, Sneak, Speechcraft, Two-Handed