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Have your worst nightmare come true! Nazeem becomes the Jarl of Whiterun, just as functional as the last Jarl and without restricting anything the vanilla game has to offer, including changes in dialogue options for extreme immersion!

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                                                                                Jarl Nazeem of Whiterun!
                                         "You're (...) special, i wish i was special"
                                                                                      -- Creep, Radiohead


Ever wanted Nazeem as a Jarl? Now you can have it! Without any incompatibilities regarding the main quest and several chances to humiliate him in the main quest dialogue options!! Nazeem really is the Legit Jarl of Whiterun in this mod! Having been promoted to Jarl, Nazeem now is known by his full name and his respective title, Jarl Nazeem Balgruuf, to keep it immersive, in an alternative universe, possibly crafted by Sheogorath, where Balgruuf the Greater never existed! Among the beautifully written dialogue lines implemented by this mod in a semi-immersive/comical fashion, you will have the opportunity to finally humiliate him like you always did anyway!


                      - Any mod that alters the specific lines of dialogue altered in this mod, and maybe mods that mess with Jarl Balgruuf.