Ring of Change - ShowRaceMenu Fix by GoroUnreal
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Added: 13/02/2012 - 09:17PM
Updated: 01/12/2016 - 11:21AM

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Last updated at 11:21, 1 Dec 2016 Uploaded at 21:17, 13 Feb 2012

NOTE: This mod has now been ported to Skyrim Special Edition PC and XBOX ONE

By equipping the ring you will be teleported to the Cave of Changes where you can change your appearance. Unequipping the ring returns you to where you came from.

I've included a chest that you can use instead of returning to town all the time. You'll also noticed that the lighting that i've included for the area where you change your appearance should eliminate most shadows so that you can edit your appearance without wondering how it looks outside.

The ring can be found east of Valtheim Towers and north west of Cradlecrush Rock in the river area, you'll know it's spot if you find a skeleton leaning against a chest.

What this mod fixes:

- Health, Magicka and Stamina are saved even if you change race/gender.
- All skills are saved with racial bonuses added when changing race/gender.
- Becoming a Werewolf no longer removes you head (as it would if you used showracemenu)

Known Issues:

- Your hands are bound if you change your gender/race, you can fix this usually by just pressing R, otherwise you may have to equip a weapon/spell.
- Sometimes your character will level up after changing their race, this appears to be a bug with showracemenu and not this mod. Currently I can see no way around this aside from changing your level to the correct level via console commands (player.setlevel [level number]). I haven't tested this yet but if you were to set your correct level before entering the skills menu you may avoid a stat/perk increase.
- Racial bonuses are entered manually meaning that any racial bonus mods may stop this mod from being accurate. As of writing this I cannot find a way to retrieve those details dynamically, if someone knows how i'd be more than grateful =)
- You may need to re-equip your weapons/armor to get back their stat increases after changing your race.

player.additem 02000D62 1

You might have to replace the second digit with the index of the mod in terms of your load order (if it's second in the list it should be 2).


Please, if you find any issues let me know in the comments section and i'll try to fix them as soon as possible. Seeing as this is my first mod there's quite possibly an issue or two. As always make sure you save your game before changing your appearance, especially your race/gender. Technically this should work exactly like showracemenu but with the fixes above applied.


The research notes found near the ring mention another ring, this is a just a possible future feature. You don't need to go searching for the ring just yet.

I hope you all find this mod useful =)




Change Log:


- Fixes Werewolf head loss so it works as intended initially. You will need to visit the Cave of Changes (by equipping the ring) at least once to perform the Werewolf fix.
- Replaced Ring with Strong Box containing Ring and Research Notes to avoid falling through world.
- If you already have the ring from a previous version of this file you may need to drop/sell your current ring and retrieve the ring again from the same place otherwise stat/skill issues may occur when changing race/gender.


- Fixed bsa file so it should no longer cause skill and stat inaccuracies.


- Initial Release