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You find the armor/outfit that you really like and the boots/heels sinks into the ground. This tutorial is for you and modders alike.

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How to make NIOverride work for boots, shoes, heels, platforms, or anything that footwear requires height adjustment, etc. by Sleepytigereyes.
Some knowledge of Nifscope is recommended for this tutorial but not necessary as I try to walk you through this as best I can. Seriously, it's easier than you think. :)

If you are like me and find that perfect armor only to have the boots, shoes, pumps or whatever look like they are sinking in the ground after putting them on your character, then you may want to read this tutorial to find out how to fix the problem.

This will also work for modders that make a follower with custom armor only to find out that the boots seemed to work in game as it should only to find out it doesn't work on your new modded follower.

How does this work?
Easy, it only needs the .nif file/s for the footwear and Nifscope. The instructions with pics are in the tutorial. Even if you are just curious as to how it works, by all means, take a look.

You can still use the HDT High Heels system for existing mods at the same time for mods that require it.

If you do not have Nifscope and want to learn, you can find it here: (Mostly, you will need this to make the footwear adjustments.)


This also works for other mods that have these same symptoms for NPC's and you want to fix it in your game.

Once you learn how, you will want to keep this tutorial handy when other armor mods become available and the same thing needs to be fixed.

You can copy, redistribute, reupload to other sights, change for better explanation, or do whatever you like with this tutorial. I do ask that I am credited as the original author.